The Materiality of the Invisible public programme

13 till 24 October 2017

Bureau Europa, Marres, and Van Eyck have created an significant public programme as part of the exhibition The Materiality of the Invisible.

Guided tours by Marjolein van Loo
Marjolein van Loo (museum scholar at Schunk and De Domijnen) gives a fortnightly tour of the exhibition every other Sunday, explaining the underlying story of The Materiality of the Invisible, the establishment of NEARCH, and how archaeology and art are connected.

Guided tours by Lex ter Braak and Huib Haye van der Werf
During the National Archaeology Day, Lex ter Braak and Huib Haye van der Werf, curators of The Materiality of the Invisible, will give tours on 13 and 14 October respectively.

Dates: Sunday 13, 14, 15 and 29 October; 4 and 19 November at 13:00.
Location: Starts at Van Eyck, then continues on foot to Marres and Bureau Europa
Language: Dutch
Access: €10 admission + €5 for guided tours.
Tickets for the guided tours are available from the Marres online ticket shop.

The Archaeologist, the Artist, and the Curator
Miguel John Versluys, an archaeologist at Leiden University, was invited by Marres to interview artist Martin Westwood and also the curators of The Materiality of the Invisible, Lex ter Braak (director Van Eyck) and Huib Haye van der Werf (artistic programme leader Van Eyck).

Both artists and archaeologists abrade layers to gain a deeper understanding of reality. They locate experience in inanimate objects and lifeless history, delineating worlds based on material scarcity. And they believe the invisible is matter. This perambulatory conversation through The Materiality of the Invisible addresses these and other similitudes between art and archaeology.

Date: 18 October, 19:00
Location: Marres
Language: English
Admission: Free entrance with a valid exhibition ticket

Film: The I Mine (2016)

On Tuesday 24 October, Lumière Cinema will screen The I Mine (2016) by Emilio Moreno. Moreno's film deals with the ever-relevant theme of self-narration: what story do you actually tell about yourself, what history do you see within and around yourself? After all, the primary form of history is the story you tell about yourself. Following the screening, Huib Haye van der Werf moderates a Q+A.

In The I Mine, palaeontologists excavate protohumans, while miners dig for diamonds. At the same time, we repeatedly see part of a historian's diary. This historian delves into his most precious diamond: himself.

Emilio Moreno (1980) is an artist from Spain. His films Stone Acrobatics (2015) and The I Mine (2016) investigate how people compose their personal narratives and how history relates to the story.

Date: October 24, 19:30
Location: Lumière Cinema

Image: Hans Gremmen