Jo Coenen

40 Years of Working in Europe

4 July till 18 December 2020

Jo Coenen, 40 Years of Working in Europe                                                                                   EXTENDED DUE TO SUCCESS!

On Saturday 4 July, Bureau Europa opens a new exhibition in collaboration with architect and urbanist Jo Coenen. A 40-year history is unrolled in our platform for architecture and design to mark the distinguished architect’s 70th birthday.

Bureau Europa presents: Jo Coenen

The architect takes us into the architectural world, focusing on the practice of design, developing visions for cities and areas, and teaching a new generation.

Jo Coenen's iconic work ranges from realising neighbourhoods, such as Céramique in Maastricht and Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht, to prominent buildings, such as the Amsterdam Public Library, the Vesteda Tower in Eindhoven, and the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam. This exhibition’s collected images and stories demonstrate architecture’s complexity and richness and why it is called the Mother of the Arts.

Four lessons on architecture

Jo Coenen’s love for architecture covers four valuable lessons:

Lesson 1. Cherish history as a friend, and compose new within old

Lesson 2. The architect connects city districts and people with public buildings.

Lesson 3. Love your city and appreciate what it means to you and your buildings.

Lesson 4. Architects take responsibility for restoring their position.

Based on his work in Europe, the exhibition includes a range of sketches, design drawings, models, notes, interviews, film images, and more. Wander through the Time Tunnel to the exhibited lessons and the Oeuvre Hall to learn about architecture for the future.

Curator Jo Coenen | Supervisor Floor van Spaendonck | Graphic design Dennis van Eikenhorst | Spatial design Olivier Graeven, Lorenzo Castellani Lovati, Gregorio Pistolesi, Sada Shirafuji | Project leader Ilona van den Brekel | Project assistant Agnes Paulissen | Doc C archival work Alexei Gleiser, Danny Schiffeleers | Film and editing Max van Even & Daniel van Hauten | Texts Remco Beckers | Translation Jason Coburn | Marketing Emmanuel Merkus & Willemijn Doelman | Technicians Fran Hoebergen, Charlotte Koenen, Mats Dewaide, Emanuel Riksen, Stefan Vontobel

With thanks to JCAU Architect & Urbanist | Abe Bonnema Foundation | Politecnico di Milano | Municipality of Maastricht | Province of Limburg | Creative Industries Fund NL | Van der Plas Interiors | Van Stokkum Natural stone

Dates July 4 to January 3, 2021

Times fixed opening hours

Location Bureau Europa

Admission regular entry prices; you can book your ticket online

Jo Coenen, 40 Years of Working in Europe, the opening

Exhibition, Jo Coenen, 40 Years of Working in Europe

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