Experience the imagination of children in VR

8 April 2022

During Museumnacht, students of Communication and Multimedia Design (Zuyd University) show how they help primary school students make their first steps in the wondrous world of technology, VR, and thinking up utopian visions of the future.

The modern, interdisciplinary approach implementing research and innovation into primary school education is called STEAM. It's still a young enterprise, many teachers don't even find the time to also teach their students the finer things about science and technology. The students of Communication and Multimedia Design come to the rescue. By doing research and designing they guide their primary school students (ages 11 and 12) how technology and science can easily be linked to art and the imagination.

The sophomore students help the children of primary schools De Poort and ZIEZO! along over multiple classes. Knowledge about creative coding and how to apply them to primary school education are gradually broadened. The primary school students are asked what we can improve in our modern world. Where do the youngest of us see problems and how would they solve them?

More than just talking about possible solutions, the students learn how to 'sculpt' them in virtual reality. A world springs forth out of the imagination, a world they can visit themselves, with the little help of VR glasses. Spatial design and a critical outlook on the world thus come together with tech savviness and the first, small steps in creative coding.

Museumnacht Maastricht
The students of Zuyd University present their work so far - the project runs till June. 8 groups of 3 to 4 primary school students have already been hard at work designing and creating their own utopia.

At Bureau Europa, you can put on the VR glasses and walk about in the imagination of kids. Museumnacht is on Friday 8 April, from 7pm to 1am.

During Museumnacht there are many more activities at Bureau Europa. For more information, check our website. Want to buy tickets? You can do so via the Museumnacht Maastricht website.

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