Museumnacht Maastricht

Dream The Night Away

8 April 2022

Be prepared for the Prepper Paradise exhibition and discover the imagination of the endtimes and the design of prepping: from Noah's Ark to bunker shopping with the Kardashians; from special suits and clothing for surviving the climate crisis to hoarding in video games.

On Friday 8 April 2022, the most peculiar stories will flow to you from all directions and enrich your view of the world. More details about Bureau Europa's programme will be available soon.

The climate crisis, pandemics and war spark extreme survival scenarios, sci-fi design and creative solutions. From luxury trips to moon colonies to freezing your own body or buying a bunker. Or else there are the manny instructional videos and iodine pills to help you out. Prepper Paradise is about the art of survival and the architecture of the culture of fear. Isn't the prepper as a future thinker really a utopist?

Floor van Spaendonck and Remco Beckers give regular flash tours.

Artist Salomé Mooij invites you to have an intimate conversation. Where do you feel safe? What is your favorite hiding place? A place where you can truly be yourself? During your conversation with Salomé, you will make a miniature with everyday objects and shape your hiding place.

Book one of the timeslots: mail to

Part of 3x3x3 in collaboration with SoAP Maastricht.

presentation // E-ART: UTOPIA
What's wrong with today's world? What kind of utopia do the youngest among us see, and how would Group 7 and 8 students solve this?

Children learn about technology at school. Under the guidance of design students from Communication & Multimedia Design (Zuyd Hogeschool), the students of ZIEZO! show their Virtual Reality. The students create their own perfect world. At Bureau Europa you can put on those VR glasses and explore the imagination of children. 

E-Art is a Media Art project for primary education led by Kaleidoscoop.

Thank god for refrigerators… because, well, we can't imagine a tasteful life without them? Modern techniques make it possible to keep food longer and to transport it further. World dishes can be enjoyed on a everyday basis.

What if this technology suddenly disappears? No worries! With old tricks and local traditions and produce there is still a lot to do and you can easily make the most delicious things yourself.

creative // THE NEW ARK
The most famous Doomsday Prepper is the Biblical patriarch Noah, the one from the Ark. He collected two of each animal and that was a good thing. The story is known by many. The Ark still inspires many people and all kinds of shapes are invented to protect us from future climate disasters.

We can't wait for it to be Friday 8 April 2022 and explore the world of art - after dark - at over 16 art venues during Museumnacht Maastricht! Enjoy a spectacular line up with just one single ticket. Expect mind-blowing exhibitions, performances, live music and more. Go on a journey with us during this extraordinary Art Night Out filled with unexpected encounters, energetic movements, hypnotic sounds, limitless shapes and ... pure fun! 

19:00 – 01:00​​​ / Afterparty 00:00 - 05:00 
€ 17.50/12.50 (student). 15 years of age = Free!