Zuiderlucht and Bureau Europa launch an Architecture Special

Madam Architect and Power, Lust, and Zinc come together in the cultural magazine of the South

5 September till 5 October 2021

On Saturday 4 September, a special collaboration culminates in a presentation of an interesting Architecture Special at Bureau Europa. Together with cultural magazine Zuiderlucht, we give you a collection of historical as well as contemporary stories that inspire to look at the world from a more architectural perspective. A lot of partners are involved in making architecture of course, but this shared portfolio of projects, issues, programming, and education is only rarely jointly presented. This special offers you a little insight - from a female perspective!

Ten female architects are interviewed about their opinions of the trade, their work, experiences, and position. The ten guest authors did already speak in our lecture series Madam Architect - you can watch all lectures on our website -, last spring at Bureau Europa, based on an initiative by Merel Pit. She already launched such a series, both online and in a magazine, earning her a lot of appreciation. Women in architecture are still a hotly debated issue and we feel that more exposure is necessary.

The ten portraits of these women are further enriched by little insights in the local partners' work. Big players in the field like IBA Parkstad and cultural institution like Schunck, Topos, and the Architecture Academy in Maastricht have written short exposés about their work and their importance in the region, with contributions also by architectural firms like Humblé, Martens, and Willems. 

Also, there's a lot of attention to zinc, with our nice zinc walk through the Maastricht city centre and a selection from the intriguing photo series by Irmel Kamp.

Below, you can leaf through the special. If you want a copy of your own, you can pick one up for free at all the important cultural institution in Limburg, Brabant, and Flanders.