Stucco Storico: the story behind a craft

24 November 2018 – 24 March 2019
On 24 November Stucco Storico: The Story Behind a Craft opens at Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design. Following on from Design by Choice, this is the second exhibition in our exhibition series about the migration of crafts.
Installation & debate

A State of Exception

27 March – 3 April 2019
To conclude the E-WORDS project, Maastricht University (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences), the Jan Van Eyck Academie, and Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design, organise a debate evening in which artistic, social and scientific perspectives meet. An accompanying exhibition shows works by Christopher Meerdo (USA), Alina Schmuch, Franca Scholz (D), and Thomas Stratmann(D).

De bijzonderheden van de moderne Spaanse architectuur

3 April 2019
In deze lezing aangeboden door de Circulo Cervantes Maastricht, gaat architectuurhistoricus Suzanne Roelofs in op waarom de Spaanse architectuur zo bijzonder wordt gevonden: in een stad als Maastricht, waar ooit een uitgebreide campus van Santiago Calatrava had kunnen staan, is dat natuurlijk geen oninteressante vraag.

Digital Dilemma - The Architecture of Trust

12 April – 16 June 2019
The Digital Dilemma - The Architecture of Trust exhibition examines the current climate of institutional distrust and technology’s role in this. For centuries, the idea of trust bridged the gap – defined by (hidden) power and knowledge structures – between the authorities of the church, the government, industry and ordinary citizens.

The Guild in the 21st century: didactics and heritage preservation on a national scale

17 January 2019
By Wijnand Freling (author of Stuccowork in the Dutch Home from the 17th and 18th century), Anton van Delden (chairman of the Neerlandsch Stucgilde), and Angelique Friedrichs (researcher and restorer at SRAL Maastricht)

Ornament, ritual and identity in contemporary architecture and design

14 February 2019
Architect Willem Jan Neutelings and architecture researcher Marius Grootveld highlight the role of the ornament, not from its historical but rather its contemporary application. In contemporary architecture, design and urban design, ornamentation seems to play a reduced role in relation to the past, but is this true? This lecture is organized as part of Stucco Storico: The Story Behind a Craft.
Guided city walk

The hidden interiors of Maastricht

15 March – 15 February 2019
City historian Servé Minis takes you on a walk through Maastricht city centre to visit several impressive locations. You are invited to be an unabashed voyeur of the alderman’s and secretary’s rooms in the town hall, the university’s Spiegelzaal (mirror room), the homes of the well-to-do bourgeoisie, and yet more exceptional spaces to which one normally doesn’t have access.

Digital manufacturing in the ‘tutorial culture’

27 February 2019
During this lecture, Claire Warnier and Dries Verbruggen will translate the 18th-century art and craft culture of Swiss stuccatori into the 21st-century methodology of Unfold Design Studio (Antwerp). This lecture is organized as part of Stucco Storico: the story behind a craft.
Guided tour by curator

Curator tour Stucco Storico 16 February and 16 March

19 January – 16 March 2019
Remco Beckers, project leader at Bureau Europa and curator of the exhibition Stucco Storico: the story behind a craft will give three times a curator tour.

The Treasury of Dom Hans van der Laan – with Caroline Voet and Jo Coenen

16 March 2019
On Saturday 16 March, the Van der Laan Foundation, in collaboration with the Flemish Architecture Institute and Bureau Europa, presents the project ‘The Treasury of Dom Hans van der Laan’.

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