Transformation of the ENCI

19 January 2017
The construction of the staircase on the Luikerweg is a significant milestone in the transformation of the ENCI quarry. After nearly a hundred years, in 2017, the quarry will again be accessible to the public.

Maas Paradox: Cultural Resilience in Times of Climate Chang

5 November 2016 – 22 January 2017
Water is both a curse and a blessing. We are dependent on it: we must drink it, it is essential for farming, and we love it for recreation. Maas Paradox is an exhibition in which designers, artists, and residents consider the impact of climate change on the lives of people in the Meuse region.

Curator’s tour of Maas Paradox‬‬‬‬

22 January 2017
On Sunday 22 January, Han Dijk, co-curator of Maas Paradox, gives a guided tour of the Maas Paradox exhibition. Han is the founder and director of POSAD, an urban-planning design office for spatial planning and strategy.‬‬‬ ‪

Bureau Europa is looking for a project manager (0.4 FTE) to start 1 March ‬‬‬‬2017

5 January – 10 February 2017
Bureau Europa is looking for someone (M/F) with organisational experience and ambition in the cultural sector. As project manager, you are responsible for lectures, debates, and other presentation activities at Bureau Europa. ‬‬‬‬ ‪
duo lecture

The State of Europe: duo lecture by OMA/AMO Stephan Petermann and XML David Mulder

22 February 2017
On Wednesday 22 February a new series of talks, ‘The State of Europe’, starts at Bureau Europa. Stephan Petermann from OMA/AMO and David Mulder from XML Architecture Research Urbanism both give a presentation on the ways in which they ‘build’ on the ‘State of Europe’. Both agencies have been conducting long-term research into the European Union’s meaning, identity, and various modes of representation

Meet the Maker

12 March 2017
Made in collaboration with Noto graphic design studio, 'Meet the Maker' takes place at Bureau Europa on Sunday 12 March 2017. During 'Meet the Author' we offer Euroregional talents the opportunity to showcase their work and engage in dialogue. The aim is to enable sustainable cooperation and networking.

TEFAF Pop-up hotel 'To Many Places'

11 – 13 March 2017
From 10 to 19 March, Bureau Europa, platform architecture and design, transforms into the TEFAF Pop-Up Hotel, for which we have developed a special programme, working in collaboration with The Student Hotel – our new neighbours – and designer Emmy Polkamp.

The State of Europe: lecture by Mathieu Segers

28 March 2017
On March 28 Prof. dr. Mathieu Segers will give the second lecture in The State of Europe series in which we examine the condition of a continent.
Debate & Theatre

Club Romance

29 March 2017
'Club Romance' is part of the programme of 'Tasso & Jeanne d’Arc', a theatrical performance by the Nationale Toneel. This performance is presented on 29 March at the Parkstad Limburg Theater in Heerlen.

Medicine Factory: natural medications for the abdomen!

7 April 2017
During the Maastricht Museum Night on Friday 7 April, you can participate in a workshop by Circus Engelbregt. At the Frontenpark, under the guidance of professionally trained technicians, you can research the healing power of nature and – based on your ailments – make your own medicine. The workshop is part of the exhibition Intensive Care: Architecture and Design in Healthcare.

Museumnight Maastricht

7 – 8 April 2017
Op vrijdag 7 april vindt de Museumnacht Maastricht plaats. Tijdens deze tweede editie openen maar liefst 13 culturele instellingen openen hun deuren tot 1 uur ’s nachts! Naast de vaste, lopende tentoonstellingen presenteert elke instelling een speciaal programma vol performances, workshops, artist talks, exclusieve rondleidingen, previews, drinks & beats.

Bernard Hulsman on ‘The Secret of Palladio’

13 April 2017
In his lecture, ‘The Secret of Palladio’, Bernard Hulsman, architecture editor for the NRC Handelsblad newspaper, explores the role imitation played in the work of Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio (1508–1580). Referring to buildings in England, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia, Hulsman demonstrates Palladio’s considerable influence on architecture.

Frank Kolkman on alternatives to the pharmaceutical industry’s hierarchical superiority

19 April 2017
Frank Kolkman offers some speculative alternatives to the hierarchical superiority that, financially, the pharmaceutical industry is currently allocated. His respondent is Marijke Linthorst, formerly a Senate member and editor of the Wiardi Beckman Foundation’s S&D magazine.

‘De vloeibare stad’ (The Liquid City) by Floor Milikowski

18 May 2017
On Thursday 18 May, upon invitation from Stad.Academie – the academy for city makers – Floor Milikowski presents her lecture, The Liquid City. The title, referring to sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman’s concept of ‘liquid modernity’, assumes that the liquid city is conceived of as a continuous development and as a permanent urbanisation.
guided tour

Meet Maastricht Festival: guided tour of Intensive Care

26 May 2017
During the Meet Maastricht Festival, which runs from 26 to 28 May, Bureau Europa will host a guided tour, on Friday 26 May, of the exhibition Intensive Care: Architecture and Design in Healthcare. After the tour, participants can contribute, from their own cultural perspectives, to a discussion about well-being and care.

An evening about the relationship between nature and healthcare architecture by Agnes van den Berg and Matthias Rottmann/De Zwarte Hond.

31 May 2017
On 31 May, Agnes van den Berg, Professor of Nature Experience and Landscape at the University of Groningen, will be in conversation with Matthias Rottmann, architect and partner at De Zwarte Hond architectural firm.

Exhibitoin of the works of winnner and nominees the Hermine van Bers Art Prize Award during KunstTour

2 – 4 June 2017
On Friday 2 June, during the opening of the KunstTour weekend, the Hermine van Bers Art Prize is awarded to Mike Moonen.

The State of Europe: Indira van ‘t Klooster on the Identity of European architecture

15 June 2017
As part of The State of Europe lecture series at Bureau Europa, launched in the Maastricht Treaty’s jubilee year, Indira van ‘t Klooster talks about the European signature of the built environment. Van ‘t Klooster is the founder and editor of A10 new European Architecture Cooperative, a platform for architecture in Europe.

Dag van de Architectuur (Architecture Day)

17 June 2017
On 17 June, Maastricht celebrates the ‘Dag van de Architectuur’, highlighting the importance of architecture in the city. Iconic buildings open their doors and show what architecture can do for the quality of our living environment, the solution of major socioeconomic and spatial issues, and the democratisation and preservation of the urban environment.

Expeditie Zilverschoon

18 June 2017
Al eens hondsdraf gegeten, melganzenvoet of zilverschoon? Zondag 18 juni laten kunstenaars Janna Navis en Esther van de Pas je tijdens Expeditie Zilverschoon kennismaken met de eetbare wilde planten van Maastricht. Expeditie Zilverschoon koppelt de mens in de stad opnieuw aan de natuur, en in het bijzonder aan wilde planten en 'onkruiden' die voor de mens nuttig zijn: de eetbare.

Manipulative care and architectur with Alzheimer - by Henri Snel, Ruud Hendriks, and Ike Kampho

22 June 2017
The coming decades will see significant increases in the number of Alzheimer’s patients and the need for specific care homes.

Intensive Care, Architecture and Design in Healthcare

6 April – 25 June 2017
On 6 April, Alderman Mieke Damsma opens the exhibition 'Intensive Care: Architecture and Design in Healthcare' at Bureau Europe, platform for architecture and design. This exhibition, about care, spatial design and design, examines the care challenges of the 21st century from different perspectives and design disciplines.

‘Grondstof Herzien’ over het archtectonisch potentieel van materialen en verhalen Rademacher de Vries en Werkstatt

4 July 2017
Architecten Christopher de Vries/Rademacher de Vries Architecten en Raoul Vleugels/Werkstatt gaan in gesprek.

Helden van Hier: Zuiderlicht

7 July 2017
Elk half jaar zet Bureau Europa een ontwerper of architect die zijn of haar stempel heeft gedrukt op - de vormgeving van - Maastricht in de spotlights. Na eerdere edities met onder meer Jo Coenen en Maurice Mentjens is nu Ontwerpbureau Zuiderlicht aan de beurt. Dit bureau voor visuele communicatie en meervoudig winnaar van de Red Dot Design Award, bestaat 30 jaar en organiseert samen met Bureau Europa een feestelijk mini-symposium over de kracht van design.
guided tour

Wandeling 'Maastrichter Steen' op 14 & 29 juli

14 – 29 July 2017
Vrijwel alle belangrijke monumenten in Nederland bevatten een aanzienlijke hoeveelheid natuursteen. Instandhouding van deze monumenten is van groot belang, niet alleen vanuit cultuurhistorische overwegingen, maar ook vanuit economische overwegingen. Denk maar eens aan de toeristen die bezoekjes brengen aan oude binnensteden.


30 June – 7 August 2017
On 30 June, the exhibition Maastricht, City of Stone opens at Bureau Europa, in cooperation with TU Delft and MMIA.

The State of Europe

On Wednesday 22 April a new series of talks, ‘The State of Europe’, starts at Bureau Europa.

Exist, Will Exist: DaF-architects and RAAAF

5 September 2017
Welke denkmodellen bestaan er binnen de architectuur, rondom het omgaan met de bestaande omgeving? Welke overwegingen komen eraan te pas bij nieuwe ontwerpen, welke symboliek en betekenisgeving zijn het eindresultaat? Catherine Visser - DaF-architecten en David Habets - RAAAF gaan in deze dubbellezing in op deze vragen. Ze lichten het onderzoekend ontwerpen door de architect en nieuw ervaren van beladen, cultureel erfgoed door de kunstenaar toe vanuit eigen missie, praktijken en ervaringen.

Het Parcours: een lezing van Beatrice de Fraiture

10 September 2017
Tijdens het Parcours opent Bureau Europa haar deuren met de tentoonstelling The Materiality of the Invisible. De Maastrichtse archeologe Beatrice de Fraiture is uitgenodigd een lezing te geven over de noodzaak van onderzoek naar en restauratie van opgravingen en te koppelen aan het huidige Thermenmuseum.

For All, By All - Dutch pavillion at EDIT in Toronto

28 September – 8 October 2017
The Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology (EDIT) takes place in Toronto from 28 September to 8 October 2017. This ten-day festival, explores the convergence of design, innovation, and technology. 

The joint proposal by Bureau Europa, Bright | The Cloud Collective, and This Must Be The Place, in collaboration with Metabolic and ZUS, won the pitch with For All, By All. In addition to the pavilion, the collaborating organisations provide a programme of lectures and discussions.

Evaluating Alternatives: Designing with Waste – ROTOR and Superuse Studios

12 October 2017
On Thursday 12 October, Lionel Devlieger from ROTOR and Jos de Krieger from Superuse Studios present a lecture as part of Evaluating Alternatives, our series highlighting the changing roles of the architect and designer. This is a much-discussed topic in recent years, both within these disciplines and by those who trust in design's problem-solving ability.
Lectures, tours, and film screenin

The Materiality of the Invisible public programme

13 – 24 October 2017
Bureau Europa, Marres, and Van Eyck have created an significant public programme as part of the exhibition The Materiality of the Invisible.

Local Heroes: Archaeology and Landscape Development - Vullings de Moor and Bureau Verbeek

25 October 2017
Are you curious about the stories behind your region's designed environment? Bureau Europa regularly puts a focus on designers and architects who have made their mark on designing the region. Following earlier editions by Jo Coenen, Maurice Mentjens, and Design Zuiderlucht, this lecture explores reclaimed and landscape architecture with Lotte de Moor of Vullings de Moor and Barry Kerckhoffs from Bureau Verbeek.
Lecture & workshop

Vormstof en het nieuwe porselein

3 – 4 November 2017
Wat getuigt er in Maastricht nog van het porseleinverleden? In een gepassioneerd pleidooi breken Jo Schoenmakers en Marjo de Vries van Vormstof een lans voor porselein en voor een Maastrichtse trots en hernieuwd bewustzijn van de rijke geschiedenis die Maastricht in deze als ambachtsstad had en nog steeds heeft.

Forensic Architecture and Digital Archaeology

6 November 2017
Lecture by Israeli architect Eyal Weizman - of Forensic Architecture and Professor of Spatial and Visual Culture at the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths. Coupled to Weizman's lecture, Femke Snelting of Constant (Brussels) will talk about digital archaeology.

De Staat van Europa: Maurer United Architects en Yuri Veerman over symboliek in Europa

9 November 2017
Binnen de zesdelige serie 'De Staat van Europa', gestart op 22 februari in het teken van het jubileumjaar van het Verdrag van Maastricht, spreken Marc en Nicole Maurer en Yuri Veerman in deze vierde lezing over symbolische waardes in het moderne Europa, zoals deze tot uitdrukking komen in architectuur, ontwerp, politiek en maatschappij
Lecture, tour and performance

De Mobiele Stad: het stationsgebied in ontwikkeling

16 November 2017
Er gebeurt veel rondom het station in Maastricht. Zijn de investeringen die nu gemaakt worden in het stationskwartier een stedelijke noodzaak? Of kan hetzelfde, of zelfs meer, worden bereikt door op een andere manier naar vervoer en mobiliteit te kijken? Welke ideeën leven er bij de dagelijkse gebruiker van het station en haar omgeving? Na deze dubbellezing van Jake Wiersma en Daniel Jongtien kun je met hen gesprek en antwoord krijgen op deze vragen.

The Materiality of the Invisible

29 August – 26 November 2017
On 29 August 2017, Van Eyck, Marres, and Bureau Europa launch the exhibition The Materiality of the Invisible. Configured across three locations, 35 artists reveal the significance of archaeology for contemporary art and architecture.

Groeten uit Maastricht: verleden, heden, toekomst van Maastricht Porseleinstad

30 November 2017
In het kader van de tentoonstelling Groeten uit Maastricht - van 11 november t/m 7 januari - in het Eiffelgebouw, organiseert Bureau Europa een lezing over Maastricht Porseleinstad door Piet Stockmans en José Maase. Niet alleen heeft Maastricht een rijke, grootindustriële en internationale geschiedenis in de porseleinproductie, maar tevens een veelbelovende toekomst. Mosa bestaat in 2018 135 jaar en is nog lang niet uitgerangeerd.
Exhibition & presentations

Enterprising Designers - The Renaissance of Manufacturing Culture in Maastricht

10 November 2017 – 7 January 2018
Enterprising Designers (Ondernemende Ontwerpers) showcases talent from different design disciplines and generations. They operate on the basis of their knowledge and skills, often crossing the boundaries of their respective fields. Every fortnight a new trio is featured, representing specific positions in their design discipline. They are also forerunners of current trends and design tendencies.

Unrealised. Never-Built Maastricht

15 November 2017 – 1 April 2018
The exhibition Unrealised. Never-Built Maastrichtprovides insight into the combined complexity within which urban planners, architects, landscape designers, politicians, and project developers work.

Unrealised. Never Built Maastricht

15 December 2017 – 15 April 2018
Why do architecturally ambitious projects sometimes stagnate? What factors affect the success or failure of urban plans? Unrealised. Never Built Maastricht looks at the complexity faced by urban designers, architects, landscape designers, politicians and project developers. In the interplay of city planning, policy papers, public opinion, economic climate, cultural zeitgeist, adaptive designers, Bureau Europa wants to advocate for the experimental. Referencing Schubert’s unfinished symphony, Bureau Europa investigates how Maastricht would look if some of its unsuccessful projects were realised.

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