tour + discussion

Tour of the Pathé cinema by Nanne de Ru + an evening of architectural criticism

11 January 2016
On Monday, 11 January, Nanne de Ru, designer of the recently opened Pathé cinema gives at the cinema. Afterwards there will be an evening of architectural criticism in collaboration with TOPOS 
at the Jan van Eyck Acacdemy.
lecture and debat

Visit by State Architect Floris Alkemade

14 January 2016
On 14 January, State Architect Floris Alkemade visits several projects in South Limburg, gives an evening lecture, and participates in a discussion.

Design by Choice: the origins of mass customization in Europe

10 October 2015 – 17 January 2016
Design by Choice investigates the origins of contemporary consumer society. At its centre is a representative sample of European cast iron trade catalogues.

Made in Europe

10 October 2015 – 17 January 2016
Photographer Kim Bouvy (1974) has been commissioned by Bureau Europa to study the specific reciprocity between the industrial history and identity of Liege and Maastricht.

Design by Choice, lecture series

16 November 2015 – 17 January 2016
A special lecture series organised as part of the Design by Choice exhibition.

Evaluating Alternatives: a lecture by Geert Lovink

28 January 2016
Renowned media theorist Geert Lovink visits Bureau Europa to talk about currency design, technologies of payment, and the role of the designer in economic experiments. In the aftermath of multiple financial crises, a growing number of developers, hackers, entrepreneurs, and other creators are preoccupied with the design of our financial futures.

Common Carnaval

20 January – 9 February 2016
Carnaval is one of, if not the most powerful rituals known to the city of Maastricht, a city that cherishes its customs. Traditions, both old and new, coexist alongside one another. It is all a matter of giving each other space. This is what makes Maastricht a good city to reside in, to live life in, and to visit.

Domestic Affairs: the house is a home to the paradox

4 December 2015 – 28 February 2016
After a successful first edition in January at the Passagen in Cologne – Germany's biggest design event – it is time for a second edition of Domestic Affairs, in which we rearticulated the exhibition for the Chinese context!
exhibition + book presentation

The Poacher’s Focus

24 January – 28 February 2016
Transition of a City From a Poetic Perspective by Maarten van de Berg - poetry- and Bert Janssen - photography -

Upcycling - Making a bag from a display banner

20 March 2016
By popular request: workshop making bags using exhibition banners.
masterclass and lecture

Mapping the heatlhy city

1 – 2 April 2016
Future Urban Regions (FUR) organises, together with de Academie voor Bouwkunst Maastricht and Bureau Europa, the masterclass ‘Mapping de gezonde stad’ (in Dutch)
Guided tour

Local heroes: Teske van Royen

2 April 2016
Are you curious about the stories behind your city's designed environment?

Museum Night Maastricht

15 April 2016

Domestic Affairs in Doha, Quatar

24 March – 14 May 2016
After two successful editions in Cologne and Shenzhen, the exhibition Domestic Affairs, a House Is a Home to a Paradox will be on display from 24 March in Qatar's capital, Doha

Off the Record

20 May 2016
Over the last years, performance has gained momentum and appreciation in the contemporary arts. Rooted in the mid ’60 Performance was a quintessential part of several focal shifts: the critique of material and commodity driven economics, the re-appropriation of the female body in feminism and a transferal of attention in art from the final product to the process of making, to name but a few.

René Gabriëls over utopisme & architectuur

10 May – 7 June 2016

Presentation of plans for Belvédère/Sphinxkwartier

14 June 2016
Despite receiving increasing attention, exactly where in Maastricht is the Sphinxkwartier and what is the story behind this new district? As Sphinx hype reaches fever pitch, Toos Hofstede of Viastory presents the story of the Sphinxkwartier. However, more is needed than just the story; the area should be experienced first-hand, and preferably before and during the many planned changes.

Final presentations Conclusion of minor Intervention Design

28 June 2016
The final presentations of Intervention Design, a minor at the Maastricht Academy of Media Design & Technology (MAMDT), take place on 28 June. In this minor, lead by the teacher and journalist Theo Ploeg, students are tasked with translating media theory and their personal values into design praxis.

Presentation & debate Maastricht as a creative city

29 June 2016
Maastricht endeavours to be a creative city and promotes the creative industries as a top economic sector. Despite its leading art schools and Cultural Studies faculty, students leave the city en masse after graduation.

Walhallatour tijdens de Week van Nieuw Maastricht

9 July 2016
On Saturday 9 July, during an afternoon walk through the Sphinxkwartier, architectural knowledge and performative experience combine during the Walhalla Tour.


5 March – 10 July 2016
The exhibition The Next Big Thing is Not a Thing relates the evolving field of design to the science of anthropology. Using the gaze as a metaphor, the exhibition surveys the evolution of the design discipline and examines new fields of knowledge and critical practices. The exhibition questions the underlying myths within design, deconstructs its emerging signs, and examines how technology determines the future landscape of design.

Duo lecture Jurgen Bey & Roel Slabbers

14 July 2016
Roel Slabbers (1983, Ospel) explains his graduation project, Inter Esse, for which he won the 2015 BNI PRIZE. Jurgen Bey, co-founder of Studio Makking & Bey and director of the Sandberg Institute, chaired the BNI jury and explains why they chose Slabbers' design.

pop-up exhibition a Home away from Home

20 – 30 July 2016
In the autumn of 2015, 366 architects and designers responded to a call from Floris van Alkemade, the state architect, and Caroline Schippers (COA) for new, flexible housing solutions to provide suitable temporary homes for asylum seekers. This pop-up exhibition shows a selection of the best entries.

Buiten de Perken! (Beyond Bounds)

1 – 30 September 2016
Organised by CNME and Bureau Europe, the Buiten de Perken! (Beyond Bounds) photography contest focuses on the curious contact between the green of nature and the grey of urban development. Read on for how to get involved!

The Bronze-green oak wood* From Landscape to Back Garden

1 September – 1 October 2016
The Bronze-Green Oak Wood is an exhibition exploring how we observe and depict nature, from landscape to back garden, vista to urban greenery, and from bio-utopia to an overgrown ruin’s 'unleashed' flora and fauna.

Oude fabrieken voor een nieuwe stad. De erfenis van 'de Sphinx'

5 October 2016
Het Sphinxkwartier ontwikkelt zich in rap tempo tot een creatieve en ondernemende stadswijk. Toch laten de oude fabrieken, en het definitieve vertrek van 'De Sphinx' (eind 2015), een leegte achter. Kan de ‘hippe’ herbestemming dit gat vullen?

Dutch Dance Festival at Bureau Europa: Nightwalking II

8 October 2016
People who are born deaf and blind gain little or no information by hearing and seeing, they have to rely on touch and movement. How they then express themselves is unique and often difficult to understand. Nightwalking II is an interdisciplinary installation in which you can experience for yourself what it is to have been born deaf and blind. A part of the installation is the film Touched, in which dancers, experts in the field of body language, meet these people.
City Talks

Maurice Hermans on De Antistad

19 October 2016
On October 19 we shall talk with Maurice Hermans, author of the recently published book De Antistad (The Anti City). The publication depicts the genesis of the Netherlands’ most ageing, most transitional, and, some say, most unsuccessful city: Heerlen.
guided tour

The Grensmaas in Itteren

12 November 2016
On Saturday 12 November, Bureau Europa organises a tour of Itteren, the epicentre of the Grensmaas project launched in 2008.
Bus tour

Contemporary-Art-Bus tour of the Euregion

12 – 13 November 2016
On Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November, fourteen contemporary art institutions allied with Very Contemporary in the Euregion participate in the Contemporary-Art-Bus tour.

Duo lecture: Jalila Essaïdi and Mike Thompson

15 November 2016
On 15 November, Jalila Essaïdi and Mike Thompson are Bureau Europa’s guest speakers. They discuss how the interplay between technology, science, art, and design leads to innovation in new areas.

Maas Paradox: Cultural Resilience in Times of Climate Chang

5 November 2016 – 22 January 2017
Water is both a curse and a blessing. We are dependent on it: we must drink it, it is essential for farming, and we love it for recreation. Maas Paradox is an exhibition in which designers, artists, and residents consider the impact of climate change on the lives of people in the Meuse region.

The State of Europe

On Wednesday 22 April a new series of talks, ‘The State of Europe’, starts at Bureau Europa.

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