Workhsop: Will you marry me?

13 till 16 July 2009

In this workshop by Alexander van Slobbe, 21 studenten (ABK Maastricht and Design Academy Eindhoven) designed a wedding dress without the use of a sewing machine.

The workshop ‘Will you marry me?’, given by Alexander van Slobbe, had the same approach as the exhibition NL = New Luxury: a new vision on design, with more attention fr the process from which a product is realized, more attention for artisan qualities and more emphasis on a local or regional context.  

Van Slobbe finds the traditional wedding dress the 'height of old luxury' and he expected the students to drastically change their oldfashioned ideas about the wedding dress. 

In four days time, the students developed a different perspective on the wedding dress with only a tailor's dummy, paper, white cotton, staples and tape. Continuing to try, and thus feeding inspiration with coincidences, is what it's all about, according to Van Slobbe. "Often we are only interested in the end product, but for a new designer true luxury can be found in the potential, in the possibility of thinking it over and over again." 

The wedding dressing were on view from 16 July through 23 August 2009 in the exhibition ‘NL = New Luxury’ and several dresses were later presented in Kiki Niesten's store in Maastricht.  

Photography: Saskia Born and Tineke Kambier