Ways To Prepare Pets For War

OTOMAX presents vinyl album

27 March till 8 May 2022

They will play at the opening of Prepper Paradise on 26 March and their set-up can be admired in the Bureau Europa corner room windows: OTOMAX presents its newest vinyl album Ways To Prepare Pets For War. Already released two years ago, COVID was a bit of a killjoy. But now the debut is finally at hand.

Founded in the South of the Netherlands, OTOMAX debuts its new vinyl album Ways To Prepare Pets For War. The track selection is obtained from numerous recordings of gigs and rehearsals. The 5-minute rule is the structure: every song is improvised, played and programmed on the spot, but cannot exceed the 5 minute time limit. Well, unless it does of course... more a guideline than a rule, especially when the groove is just too good.

The improvisations emerge from a shared language between all five members as a result of experimenting and lots of playtime. Their backgrounds are in art, sound art, DJ-ing, and fashion design). Where the diverse disciplines meet and the creative conversation comes to be, skills and instruments are being generated, reimagined, reorganised, deconstructed.

"Long story short, there's a series of wonders always diverse and never the same". --- OTOMAX

Nika Schmitt voice, fx-electronics, tapes, samples
Mike Moonen turntablism
Fran Hoebergen hacked GameBoys, fm-synthesizer, tapes, bend toys
Joep Hinssen drum computers, analogue synthesizers, samples
Paul Devens circuit bend drum computers, bend toys and modded vintage keyboards

The vinyl album (12", 0:36:13, 33 rpm, including a sleeve-size, 28 page booklet, inner sleeve and plastic outer sleeve) costs €20,-, ex. shipment.

Launch during Prepper Paradise opening (photos: Moniek Wegdam)