Walhallatour tijdens de Week van Nieuw Maastricht

9 July 2016

On Saturday 9 July, during an afternoon walk through the Sphinxkwartier, architectural knowledge and performative experience combine during the Walhalla Tour.

The tour provides insight into the new forces and coalitions of this redevelopment area. Both the human and the location’s performativity are put into focus as this urban, post-industrial district slowly awakens and transforms.

Realised in cooperation with:
Dancer/choreographer Joost Vrouenraets (GOTRA) with Mami Izumi and Wouter Gulikers * singer Daniela Bernoulli (in collaboration with Het Geluid music and theatre group), * poet Maarten van den Berg * Lara Klaassen (director CNME) * architect Marc Maurer (director Maurer United) * Alain Nijssen (project leader Belvédère).

This tour was previously scheduled on Saturday 4 June. Due to poor weather, the tour moved to 9 July.
The Walhalla Tour is part of De Week van Nieuw Maastricht (The Week of New Maastricht) – #WNM16 – and is organised at the invitation of Maastricht-LAB, an initiative drawing attention to new urban developments and creative ideas. Among other places, the excursion takes in the Eiffel Building, the Timmerfabriek, and the Frontenpark. The focus is the Sphinxkwartier’s past, present, and future.

Date: Saturday 9 July, 13:00 – 17:15
Location: Meet at Bureau Europa.
Language: Dutch
Costs: €7,50 (including tea/coffee and a drink). The Walhalla Tour is open to a maximum of 40 people. Please reserve your place via Stefan Meuleman at s.meuleman@bureau-europa.nl (stating ‘Walhallatour’)