Urban Fabric #1: Get to work!

Jan Lucassen: worken people, then and now

17 March 2022

Every three months, Bureau Europa will present a lecture on how our cultures and new societal developments are interwoven with the design of our cities and contemporary design challenges.

In the first lecture: Jan Lucassen discusses people at work, past and present.

A city isn't an end product. Developments in city planning are ongoing, the city is continuously influenced by many different factors. The way people work, the way they travel, how they enjoy their environments, how they listen to life, or fight for their rights. Future design challenges will always have to keep an eye on new developments. What can architects and urban planners learn from other experts?

Lecture #1. Get to work!
From the prehistoric hunter to the modern-day homeworker, work is intrinsic to daily life. We find pleasure and meaning in it and it helps us shape our identities.

The COVID pandemic’s occurrence made working from home a new reality, which in turn has had an urban impact. With less office space required, there will be less traffic in the streets. The divide between work and privacy shifts and disappears. Various countries experiment with longer workdays, but a shorter workweek.

All this impacts a city. How should the city adapt to better facilitate new ways of working?

Historian Jan Lucassen published his book De wereld aan het werk (The world at work) in 2021.

Date Thursday 17 Maart, 6pm
Entry €3,00; book your ticket via our website
Location Bureau Europa
Language Dutch