Upcycling - Making a bag from a display banner

20 March 2016

By popular request: workshop making bags using exhibition banners.

Workshop for the New World was an exhibition curated by Monnik, which took place at Bureau Europa in the spring of 2015. As part of the exhibition, a number of banners were presented. The banners, designed by Studio Roosje Klap, detail the past, present, and future of ‘work’ in blue or red designs on a white background. The material – a waterproof, super-sturdy sail fabric – is also ideal for making bags.

Workshop participants can make a bag and choose from three designs. The designs are so easy that all participants can make a bag, regardless of their skill levels.

Loet Gescher and Juulke Brosky, who both have a studio in Het Werkgebouw at Tapijn, have been invited by Bureau Europa to give the workshop.

New date: 20 March, 13:00 – 17:00
Price: €27.50 (including coffee, tea, and drinks afterwards)
Registration: via info@bureau-europa.nl, mentioning ‘Bags workshop’
Location: Bureau Europa