Danish architecture promise in the Netherlands

16 November 2006
In the context of the exhibition New Faces in European Architecture, major European avant-garde architects Bjarke Ingels and Bjarne Mastenbroek spoke about their personal views on urban issues of the future.

Past, present future of Céramique area

14 December 2006
Lectures by Prudent de Wispelaere and Jan Vercauteren on the entirely renovated Céramique site in Maastricht, well-known project of former Chief Government Architect of Maastricht architect studio Coenen.
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Women on innovative architecture

8 February 2007
Based on their own personal histories and sources of inspiration, young architects Monica Adams and Juliette Bekkering presented their views on architecture and illustrated the backgrounds of their realizations and future projects.

Views on architecture and urban development in the Euregion

11 May 2007
NAiM brought together the official national architects of the Netherlands and Belgium for a unique evening lecture. They presented their views on architecture and urban development in the Euregion and on the differences and similarities between the Netherlands and Belgium.
Project Jean Prouvé

Cuypers: Architecture with a Mission

18 October 2007
Lecture about Cuypers as an inspired architect with a mission. "He believed in a community ideal, in an architecture that could change society, in the 'Gesamtkunstwerk' and in Gothic Revival as the only legitimate architecture style."

P.J.H. Cuypers: Building and City

8 November 2007
Lecture by Cuypers expert Aart Oxenaar: “Pierre Cuypers discovers that traditional architectural types cannot readily be implemented in the city, but that the architect should react to these types, if he aspires to give a meaningful contribution to the streets through his work.”

On the keeping quality of a restoration: looking back on the restoration of the 'Onze Lieve Vrouw' Basilica in Maastricht

22 November 2007
Clerical attendant Régis de la Haye discussed the restoration of the basilica 'Onze Lieve Vrouw' in Maastricht, one hundred years later.
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Th restauration of Kasteel De Haar in Haarzuilens & Further with Cuypers: the restauration of the Rijksmuseum

6 January 2008
Two lectures by speakers Cor Bouwstra & Anne van Grevenstein on the restauration of Kasteel De Haar in Haarzuilens and the restauration of the Rijksmuseum.

The House of Cuypers

24 January 2008
Lecture by Bernadette van Hellenberg Hubar on the art studio of the firm Cuypers & Stolzenberg, a modern equivalent of the medieval building lodge.

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

13 March 2008
Charles Jencks, American architecture critic, landscape architect and designer, gave a lecture titled 'The Garden of Cosmic Speculation'. He discussed his work and spoke about cosmic themes and the question of cultural identity.

Santiago Calatrava and the Liège Guillemins train station

25 September 2008
Double lecture by Bert van Bunningen and Fred Greve.
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Transition Town Maastricht

7 May 2010
Presentation by Bart Dekker about the start and the ideas of Transition Town Maastricht: the realization of Maastricht as edible city. Also presentation of the film 'The Power of Community'.
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Kate Bull: The People's Supermarket

5 September 2011
During the festive opening event of Re-Action!, Kate Bull, co-founder of The People’s Supermarket (UK), spoke about the importance of social innovation as a catalyst for sustainability.
Project RE-Action!

Ronald Rietveld on VACANT NL

4 November 2011
Ronald Rietveld spoke about VACANT.NL which tries to change the mindset about vacancy involving a social problem and to put the issue on the political agenda.

The Potential of Vacancy

5 November 2011
Lecture by Stealth.unlimited (Ana Džokić and Marc Neelen) What are the opportunities of the temporary redevelopment of properties? What is the potential of vacancy?
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Lecture 'The Ambition of the Territory' by Christoph Grafe

13 November 2012
On Tuesday 13 November, Christoph Grafe, director of the Flemish Architecture Institute and commissioner of the Belgian entry for the Venice Biennial, will give a lecture at NAiM/Bureau Europa.

Lecture ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] in cooperation with TOPOS

21 November 2012
On Wednesday 21 November, TOPOS Architecture Centre Maastricht and NAiM/Bureau Europa organized a lecture by studio ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] in the TOPOS lecture series ‘Raakvlakken: Ver Weg’.
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Lecture 'Playboy: reconstructies van mannelijkheid'

31 January 2013
On Thursday, January 31, in connection with the exhibition ‘Playboy Architecture, 1953-1979’, Maaike Meijer, Dr. of literary studies and Professor of gender studies at Maastricht University, presents the (Dutch) lecture ‘Playboy: reconstructies van mannelijkheid’.

Lecture (Dutch) about Louis Le Roy

21 March 2013
On 21 March, Piet Vollaard, director of architecture website Archined, gave a lecture about Dutch artist/gardener/philosopher Louis Le Roy, one of the main protagonists of the ‘Wild Gardening’ movement. Debra Solomon and Mariska van den Berg of Urbaniahoeve responded from their practice. This lecture officially opened the new Sphinxpark season.

Lecture by DUS architects

23 April 2013
On 23 April, Hedwig Heinsman of DUS architects (founded in 2004 by Martine de Wit, Hans Vermeulen and Hedwig Heinsman) spoke about the work and design attitude of DUS.
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The utopia of the free market

22 July 2014
On Tuesday, July 22 philosopher Hans Achterhuis gave a lecture about the utopia of the free market. In 2010, Hans Achterhuis was proclaimed ‘Thinker of the Fatherland’ by a.o. newspaper Trouw and Philosophy Magazine.
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