(T)REURing in de tent

Rebecca Treur in the hoekkamer

9 March till 28 April 2024

Experience a paradigm shift as you enter Rebecca Treur her space. Artist Rebecca Treur initiated a show that blurs the boundaries that traditionally separate art, commerce, and community, inviting visitors to engage in a multifaceted experience.

Rebecca seamlessly intertwines her artistic studio with an assortment of vintage clothing, sunglasses, and handcrafted accessories. As a trained hairdresser, she can also give you a new haircut. This unconventional approach challenges the notion of the exhibition space, transforming it into an immersive mix of artistic expression and curated commerce.


Beyond the aesthetics, her space  evolves into a vibrant social hub. Visitors become participants in Rebecca's atmosphere, where music for example by LOSDQ, conversations, and gathering of friends converge. In addition to working on her paintings, Rebecca's exhibition space can become a dynamic performance area and a tattoo studio, encouraging communal interactions and shared experiences with other artists she invites. Rebecca Treur's exhibition challenges us to reimagine the potential of the exhibition spaces.


Amidst the lively ambiance, Rebecca's installation invites introspection into the financial realities faced by artists today. Her colorful installation raises questions about the challenges artists face in gaining recognition, effectively selling one's artistic vision, and finding sustainable avenues for creativity in an economic landscape.