Transition Town Maastricht

7 May 2010

Presentation by Bart Dekker about the start and the ideas of Transition Town Maastricht: the realization of Maastricht as edible city. Also presentation of the film 'The Power of Community'.

Sustainability is high on the agenda of NAiM/Bureau Europa, therefore a partnership was entered with REcentre, Euregional platform for sustainable design. 

One of the partners highly valued by NAiM/Bureau Europa is Transition Town Maastricht. Transition Towns is a bottom-up movement that originated about 5 years ago in reaction to climate change and peak-oil in the UK. By now, the movement has been followed all over the world and in the Netherlands appr. 50 cities are active. Local communities (big and small cities, villages, quarters, islands) work themselves towards greater independence from oil for living, working and housing. They try to realize that by generating their own energy, food production, re-use of materials and much more.