Transformation of the ENCI

19 January 2017

The construction of the staircase on the Luikerweg is a significant milestone in the transformation of the ENCI quarry. After nearly a hundred years, in 2017, the quarry will again be accessible to the public.

On Thursday 19 January, David Rademacher and Christoper de Vries from Rademacher & de Vries Architects discuss the project’s combination of architecture and landscape. The 40-meter high staircase ensures accessibility to this unique nature area and should reinstate the ancient historical route from Maastricht to Liege. Descending the staircase provides a unique journey through the area’s geological history.

‪After the Rademacher & de Vries presentation, Krien Clevis talks about the art and research project OVERGANGSZONE (Transition Zone) ( in which 13 young artists study the transformation process of the ENCI ( On of the participants, artist Maarten Davidse, will introduce his project. 

Moderator: Saskia van Stein

Date: Thursday 19 January, 20:00 – 22:00
Language: Dutch
Admission: free
Location: Bureau Europa