The Postcard


1 July till 13 September 2020

Academia: A dynamic summer programme

Bureau Europa opened its doors in January for various collaborations with local educational institutions. This summer, we’d like to share the results with you.

Academia offers a wide-ranging programme, which currently features:

- 16.06.20. Academia #1. Transition
- 27.06.20. Academia #2. Playing Fields
- 08.07.20. Academia #3. Archibox
- 09.07.20. Academia #4. sub.archives
- 23.07.20. Academia #5. POLICY
- Ongoing. Academia #6. The project The Postcard (Weronika Kocewiak)

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From 1 July 2020

We live in increasingly digital times, different from anything we’ve ever known. During a pandemic like COVID-19 and the great, ensuing uncertainties that we all encounter, including the cultural institutions, we share a lot with each other online. What if we can use an obsolete medium like the postcard to open up the dialogue? What better way to encourage a cultural institution like ours than by a handwritten message to us and our building?


With her project The Postcard. A Message to Intangible Building artist and art educator Weronika Kocewiak (Academy of Pedagogy, Warsaw) connects the old with the new. In a collage that finds the middle ground between the oil painting and the digital print, between the physical dialogue and the new age media, the postcard invites you to answer a simple question: What does it mean for you to walk in somewhere and how do you experience the space?


Throughout the city you can get free postcards. Write down your musings on the card and post it. Or bring it yourself. On presentation of a completed postcard, you can visit the exhibition Jo Coenen, 40 Years of Working in Europe for free! All postcards are collected and presented in a digital photo album below and on Instagram.


Our thanks go to Saskia Valk and Theo Ploeg (iArts, Zuyd Hogeschool), Remco Beckers (Bureau Europa) and the various pick-up locations.


Dates from 1 July 2020

Location postcards are available at Bureau Europa, Visitor Center Maastricht, Brandweerkantine; Coffeelovers de Annex, and Lumière Cinéma.

Presentation of a completed postcard gets you free access to Bureau Europa’s exhibitions.


01-07-2020 Bureau Europa

04-07-2020 Bureau Europa

06-07-2020 Bureau Europa

08-07-2020 Coffeelovers de Annex