The Paper Ensemble

Paper artist imagines the many sounds that surround us

25 March till 28 May 2023

The corner space at Bureau Europa will be taken over by The Paper Ensemble. Inspired by Japanese garden design, The Paper Ensemble cordially invites you to step into the world of paper sounds, from the rustling of leaves to stormy oceans to singing whales. Push the boundaries of what is an object, what is an image, and what is a sound!

Amsterdam based Jochem van Tol (1983) is an interdisciplinary artist who works across the fields of visual art, performance and music,  addressing sound in the broadest sense: from the raw frayed edges of pop music to minimal ‘forgotten’ sounds. He has researched the sounds of paper in the past 10 years in a number of remarkable performances with Paper Ensemble. He is an active member of diverse experimental, highly visual music groups like The Job, Silverbones and SOON.  He collaborated in successful theatre productions with Schweigman& and De Veenfabriek, together with artist-run-collective o k a p i.
With Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti he developed a series of sculptural paper instruments and formed the Paper Ensemble. The performances of the Paper Ensemble bridges the worlds of the Sculptor and the Musician. He shows how much there is to discover in the most simple material and how to choose radical consequences from his discoveries. This resulted in a new vocabular of movement. Since 2007 Jochem van Tol  has performed and exhibited extensively abroad, especially in Japan amongst artists like Yoko Ono, John Cage, Mamoru, Yukio Fujimoto, Francis Alys, Germaine Kruip, Toshi Ichiyanagi and Ken’ichi Nakagawa.

Dates Saturday 25 March - Sunday 28 May
Admission regular admission prices
If you have difficulty paying, other options are available.