The Landscape, The Future, The South Limburg Dossier

31 August till 12 November 2023

The Oasis - an exhibition for and by environmental thinkers. The exhibition focuses on the South Limburg dossier, the future of the design of the Limburg landscape and infrastructure. A special collaboration has been entered into with model railway association De Percee (Maastricht). And the new edition of Embracing Exchange appears at Bureau Europa.

The near future will witness significant landscape transformations driven by housing demand, climate change, and mobility. These shifts give rise to essential questions: How do we navigate these changes? What criteria guide our decision-making? This exhibition presents a glimpse of the possibilities—a crash course in landscape design for challenging times—and offers solutions to embark on the journey. The spotlight falls on the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion (Euregio) and South Limburg, a cross-border oasis in many aspects but one that will not endure without a struggle.

To shed light on the future of the landscape, Bureau Europa has invited Nicole Maurer Lemmens and Marc Maurer, drawing from their architectural practice and research on the South Limburg landscape. Their presentation delves into the realm of landscape design, incorporating insights and tricks of the trade from fellow architects, artists, and designers.

If you lay the map of the London tube 1 on 1 over the landscape of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, you will see that there is a future in it. The area has cities, beautiful nature and is international. It has 3.9 million inhabitants with three nationalities, who speak three languages ​​(and many more dialects), and there are many schools and universities. The Euregio also has its own cross-border culture. An OASIS so to speak, but it doesn't go without a struggle.

In times of emergency, such as climate change and the problems associated with it, it is certainly a challenge for the border region to turn things around completely. Because radical choices have to be made. Without real change, the challenges facing the Euregio cannot be tackled sustainably. In addition to a view of the interesting, but sometimes also complex world of landscape design, the visitor also gets an active role as a designer: what do you do in an emergency? Where do you build the houses, the greenery and what do you agree with the neighbors?

In short: an exhibition that has a warm heart for everyone who cares about the landscape and South Limburg.

International Learning Lab is a platform for young design talent in architecture and the environment. It fosters knowledge exchange, cooperation, and innovation among the regional business community, governments, and creative industry institutions. Operating from South Limburg, the ILL operates across borders and professional disciplines.

Embracing Exchange seeks to unite designers, artists, and institutions beyond national boundaries. Centred on the Eindhoven, Cologne, and Maastricht regions, it showcases concepts, designs, and initiatives within the Meuse and Rhine River area. The programme promotes a cross-border regional network through exhibitions, presentations, and debates, showcasing the distinct regional identity. Throughout its existence, Embracing Exchange has offered a platform to over a hundred artists and designers. 

And there's more! Two corner presentations Photographer Annemiek Mommers and behavioral biologist Patrick van Veen captured the forests of South Limburg after the sun went down in the photo presentation Dark Light in September. And in October you can dive into the story of a special Maastricht inventor with Eureka! Edmond Hustinx! of the Edmond Hustinx Foundation and the Social Historical Center for Limburg, especially in the context of the Month of History, with the theme Eureka!


Guest curators Marc Maurer, Nicole Maurer Lemmens (Maurer United Architects) | Supervisor Floor van Spaendonck | Graphic Design Dennis van Eikenhorst | Production Ilona van den Brekel | Texts Maurer United, Sam Nemeth | Editing Remco Beckers | Translation JLC Coburn | Video Sam Nemeth | Communication Myrthe Leenders | Programme Remco Beckers | Construction Fran Hoebergen, Charlotte Koenen, Bo Oudendijk, Emanuel Riksen, Carmen Vollebergh

With participants and partners: Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Christa Reicher, Peter Bertholet, Bob Borggreve, Lia van der Maas, modelspoorvereniging de Percee, Boy Bastiaens, Maurice Hermans, Blabbermouf, Ellmatic, Dookie, Yila, OASE GVB INC, Ymea Klopman, Annika Frencken, Peggy Maurer, Prisca Sinay, Oonah Duchateau, Canan Çelik, Moritz Lippold, Yuan-Jung Wang, Christian Larisch, Holger Hoffschröer, Stefan Spörl.

International Learning Lab: Evy Smeets, Enrico Miesen, Marre Huiveneers, Soma Sharaf, Slava Tarasov, Tim Smeets, Emmie Janssen, Guy Lardinois, Nina Penners, Manon Hermans, Julian Wimmers, Annemijn Bruins Slot, Lars Houben, Martijn Dohmen, Ola Abasha, Inass El Haddad, Luca Smit, Rune Croonen, Julia Pitt, Keet Verheggen, Martijn Koen, Bryan Haesen, Robin Gijsbers, Renzo Scholten, David Lesev, Rick de Lang, Milan Ubags, Tom Boonzaaijer, Preston Bopp, Biël Went Bosch, Jari Schüler, Quin de Bruijn, Marijn Segers, Lisa van Straeten, Di Yan van der Zee, Yara Sybrandi, Noha Hafez, Dora Maria van der Kruis, Roeya Elhoemrani, Nuria van Golden, Lucas Maurer, Edith Haag, Christian Hohle.

Embracing Exchange: Reicher Haase Assoziierte, Bureau Verbeek, CB5, Mendum Architectuur, Mourmans Nypels, Fabrice Hermans, a2o, Schepers Bosman, Atelier Leise, kadawittfeldarchitektur, Greenbox, SATIJNplus.

The exhibition was created with the generous support of Gemeente Maastricht, Provincie Limburg, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, ESZL, Maurer United Architects, Reicher Haase Assoziierte, RWTH Aachen, Stichting Dutch Design Exchange, International Learning Lab.

Opening of The OASIS (photos Moniek Wegdam)

Impression of The OASIS (photos Moniek Wegdam)