The hidden interiors of Maastricht

15 March 2019

City historian Servé Minis takes you on a walk through Maastricht city centre to visit several impressive locations. You are invited to be an unabashed voyeur of the alderman’s and secretary’s rooms in the town hall, the university’s Spiegelzaal (mirror room), the homes of the well-to-do bourgeoisie, and yet more exceptional spaces to which one normally doesn’t have access.

The Swiss stuccatori Tomaso Vasalli and Pieter Nicolaas Gagini worked In Maastricht at the beginning and the end of the 18th century. They worked in different ways: whereas Vasalli lavishly decorated the town hall with beautiful excess, Gagini carried out smaller commissions for the bourgeoisie. But were there also local stucco workers providing such services? And what role did architect Mathias Soiron play? What can be seen today of their stucco work?

Date: Friday 15 March 2019, 15.00–17.00
Language: Dutch
Participation: free, please register via A maximum of 20 people can participate.
Location: gather at Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design

The Tour - photos Moniek Wegdam