The Guild in the 21st century: didactics and heritage preservation on a national scale

17 January 2019

By Wijnand Freling (author of Stuccowork in the Dutch Home from the 17th and 18th century), Anton van Delden (chairman of the Neerlandsch Stucgilde), and Angelique Friedrichs (researcher and restorer at SRAL Maastricht)

The first lecture within the exhibition programme for Stucco Storico: The Story Behind a Craft addresses one of the most recent developments in the Dutch stucco landscape: the need to restore historic interiors and the creation of a plasterers guild to enable this.

The Neerlandsch Stucgilde
Following the restoration of a 16th-century stucco ceiling in Dordrecht, carried out by German experts, the Netherlands discovered the necessity for setting up its own decorative plasterers guild, which subsequently happened, complete with a mission statement, in 2001. The guild brings together professional decorative plasterers throughout the country and offers them a three-year master's degree.

Historical interiors
The main part of this voluntary training, which must be enjoyed entirely in leisure time, is the analysis and restoration of historic decorative plasterwork: thus maintaining the traditional practice, with an emphasis on knowledge of the subject, technique, style, and context. By collectivising, the guild and the researcher can better protect heritage through artisanal practices and the proper material-technical and historical analysis.

Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg
The SRAL is an authoritative institute specialising in the conservation and restoration of paintings, sculptures, historical interiors, and modern art. It carries out research, provides training, and, like the Stucgilde, offers advice for major restoration projects. The SRAL is currently finalising the ceiling paintings (on a stucco layer) by Theodoor van der Schuer in Maastricht City Hall.

A convivial drink follows the lecture

Date: Thursday 17 January at 20:00
Language: Dutch
Admission: Free
Location: meet at Bureau Europa

Photo: Remco Beckers