The Great Indoors Workshops 2009

27 till 29 November 2009

Also during The Great Indoors 2009, workshops were organized for students from academies in Maastricht, Eindhoven, Aachen and Genk. Participants were challenged to design an interior addressing the theme 'Changing Ideals' .

The commissioners were asked to propose a clear question to the students, directly addressing a changing practice and the theme of 'Changing Ideals'. The commissioners were Camille Oostwegel (ChateauHotels & Restaurants), Kiki Niesten (Kiki Niesten and Winkeldochters) Paul Rinkens (Conceptisch and Qbic), Hans van Wolde (Beluga) and the Salvation Army.

The five groups had three weeks to mould this question into an innovative perspective on interior design. Camille Oostwegel asked the students to come up with an innovative concept for a guestroom of the future, which has to be temporary and autonomous in a way that it can function independently from the structure of a hotel.

Kiki Niesten searched for a physical environment for the project 'shop daughters', which initially started online and questions the idea of value within fashion. Paul Rinkens wondered what the office of the future will look like now that it has become clear that during times of recession we do not work from home.

Hans van Wolde, Beluga's star chef, aims to reinvent the classic snackbar. He looked for an integral concept ranging from the name of the snackbar and the clothing of its personnel to the necessity of local food production.

The Salvation Army, which by its very nature employs a social ambition, is confronted by the problem of a growing group of homeless that need to be provided with temporary shelter. What are the requirements for such a place and in what ways do these differ from, or conform to, the requirements of a 15m2 hotel room, of which it is said that it offers a so-called basic service?

In the course of three weeks, the community of students was guided by a staff of tutors and renowned designers from various disciplines

such as Jurgen Bey, Alexander van Slobbe, Daniel van der Velden, Vinka Kruk, Wieki Somers, Chris Kabel, Christiane Muller, Bas van Tol, Bart Guldemond, Anouk Vogel, Fred Greve and Gillian Schrofer.

The Great Indoors 2009 is an initiative of FRAME magazine (Amsterdam, NL), NAiM/Bureau Europa and Marres, Centre for Contemporary Culture (Maastricht, NL) and is financially supported by the City of Maastricht and the Province of Limburg.

The Great Expectations Award is supported by the City of Maastricht. 

Photography: Wendela Hubrecht and Eric Laan