The Euregio Derailed? / De Euregio ontspoord? / L'Eurégion Déraillée? - Cross-border urbanisation and the railways

27 June till 28 July 2019

In 2018 a three-country rail network was expected to start, with more regular connections and new trains between Aachen, Liège, and Maastricht. Although the Dutch-German connection is established, the Dutch-Belgian railway remains indefinitely delayed. What does this delay mean? Does it indicate failing political cooperation? Is it merely a matter of unresolved technical issues? What happens if this rail connection never materialises?

In short, what can the railways offer the urban region between Liège and Maastricht?

Can we design our city regions more proactively?
Within our globalised society, infrastructural networks are increasingly relevant to understanding the growth of our cities. Where cities were once understood as clearly defined entities with discernible political and spatial boundaries, today it is agglomerations that determine our built environment. In contrast to cities, an agglomeration doesn't seem deliberate, but rather a secondary effect of infrastructure planning and the random growth that it generates. Nowadays a city region is, therefore, defined somewhat retrospectively.

An ambitious vision about efficient mobility
Will the Meuse valley be characterised by a coagulation of random developments and projects? Or could a more ambitious and shared vision emerge with regards to efficient mobility, smart urban growth, sustainable energy, and ecological structures? And if so, could the rail link between Liège and Maastricht be instrumental in such a collaborative vision?

The Euregio Derailed? exhibition addresses these questions in an era where the fearless optimism towards the Euregio seems undeserved.

The exhibition includes works from:

The Maastricht Academy of Architecture, Future Urban Regions, the College of Government Advisors, Rademacher de Vries Architects, Derk Zijlker, Sven Jansse, Maurer United Architects, Urbagora, and Bureau Europa.

All of whom show different perspectives on this region, which extend beyond borders and the role rail infrastructure may have in future developments.

The exhibition is opened at 19.00 on Thursday 27 June by deputy Mackus of Public Infrastructure and Public Transport. Then a debate will take place in which the above issues are addressed in more detail. Also speaking are Daan Zandbelt, National Advisor for the Physical Living Environment, and Philippe Bulinckx of NMBS International Relations.

Moderator: Saskia van Stein, director of Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design.

The debate is followed by a drink.

To the debate, please register via stating 'debat 27 juni'.

Opening date and debate: Thursday 27 June, 19.00 – 22.00
Exhibition dates: 28 June – Sunday 28 July
Location: Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design
Admission to the opening and debate: is free
Admission: regular €5; students €3; free with a valid museum card

Opening and debate