Take a hike with a guide

Themed city walks in Maastricht

4 September 2022

During the lockdowns, when the cities were unnaturally empty and our possibilities limited, we have learned to look at the city and the landscape differently. No more people to look at, but architecture and our surroundings that suddenly started to look remarkable to us. Bureau Europa consolidates this experience by organising city architecture walks. Even social and political developments leave their marks in the design of our cities, buildings, and landscapes. Walking around makes you come to that understanding with a physical activity.

Every exhibition at Bureau Europa gets enriched with a city walk to help you look at the city in a different way: from the architectural influences Jo Coenen has had on the city's development to the lasting impact some Maastricht ladies had on their social surroundings; from the shiny history that lies underneath the dull appearance of zinc in the streets and on the rooftops to the age-old traditions of hiding and taking refuge that helped Maastricht shaped its identity; from nature walks through the restored landscapes of the Bunderbos to the tumultuous relationship between the people of Maastricht and their river.

Join us

Care to join us? You can book your tickets online at €7,- pp. or by writing us an email at info@bureau-europa.nl. If you have difficulty paying, other options are available. Please inform via the same mail address.

You can write us an email and book a group walk with us (minimum of 5 people).