Students design for the Thermenmuseum

10 February 2017

On 10 February, ‘De Thermen van Coriovallum’ design studio starts at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture. The studio is run by Jules Schoonman - on behalf of Bureau Europa - and Caspar Frenken and is supported by the Heerlen Thermenmuseum.

Sixteen students will design a fictional new roof for the excavation of the Roman bathhouse to replace the existing roof designed by the office of the architect Frits Peutz (1896-1974). The designs must provide solutions for both the conservation and the excavation’s public presentation. The results are shown at the end of June in Heerlen and Maastricht.

The research is part of the exhibition The Materiality of the Invisible. Van Eyck is a partner of the multiyear EU project, NEARCH (New Approaches to Archaeology), of which the exhibition is an outcome and is organised in cooperation with Marres and Bureau Europa.