29 November 2013

Bureau Europa is co-founder of Stad.Academie.

Stad.Academie is a temporary course for ‘city makers’ with an interest in the transformative process of urban development. Due to current economic conditions, development in our cities has come to a virtual standstill. In addition, current social trends, such as smaller government and participatory citizens, demand a new attitude from those who work in and on the city. Through the lens of a number of generic themes, including monumentality, repurposing, and temporality, specific case studies from the Euregio are elaborated upon. The Stad.Academie curriculum develops new methods, abilities, and a discourse to seek alternative forms of urban activities despite a stagnant economy.

The Stad.Academie wants to encourage a productive relationship with this process of change by developing a knowledge infrastructure in which theory and practice are united with each other. In a dominant phase of transition, the link between theory and practice needs to promote the currency and applicability of both. A discourse should be created that feeds on practical experience and renews itself with reflective insights to reduce the dissonance between systems.


The Stad.Academie training complements current curricula and previously received education. Because it is not possible for standard education to be 'trend sensitive', an informal academy can focus more keenly on current topics. Since the Stad.Academie is not bound by accrediting and regulatory requirements, a flexible program can be compiled to arrive at relevant questions independent of policy.


The contemporary city is not isolated, but intertwined. The Stad.Academie is an organization in which you remain a member. The program is accumulative so that upon completion of an academic year it remains accessible for members to add and obtain information and knowledge.


Stad.Academie is extensively supported by a diverse study leadership, and comes to life through the contribution of the participants. The curriculum offers space to develop and integrate individual research, so that one's own practice becomes part of the curriculum. Just like a successful city, the Stad.Academie can only come to life when each participant takes responsibility and is willing to share knowledge, skills, and experience

partners/study leadership

Stad.Academie is supported by:

Module 01, Bottom Up is Not Enough, lecture by Michelle Provoost

Modul 02, Debate "Hoe makes the city?"

Module 02, Masterclass, 'Renewed city, renewed state'

Excursion, Z33, Hasselt, exhibition: 'Atelier à Habiter'

Modul 03, film, 'Être et avoir'

Module 03, Masterclass, 'Green vs. Red'

Modul 04, Catalyzing Urban Transformation, lecture by Klaus Overmeyer

Modul 04, Masterclass in Aachen, 'Temporary City Usage'

Module 05, Monumentality