Round table discussion Clip/Stamp/Fold

27 June 2010

Lectures and round table discussion on the occasion of exhibition Clip/Stamp/Fold.

Lectures by Beatriz Colomina (Professor at the School of Architecture and Director of the Media and Modernity Program at Princeton University) and Mark Wigley (Dean of the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University and one of the founding editors of the magazine Volume, edition Counterculture), and a round table discussion with Arjen Oosterman (editor in chief of Volume), Herman Verkerk (former editor in chief of Forum), Axel Sowa (former editor of 'L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui) and Veronique Patteeuw (editor of Oase and author of PhD dissertation on Little Magazines in France) and Tom Vandeputte (editor of Oase).

Photography: Saskia Born