Reversed Archeology

Presentation by artist Sarah-Joy Zwarts

19 January till 3 March 2024

Artist Sarah-Joy Zwarts' presentation Reversed Archeology opens Friday the 19th of January at 15:00. At 15:30 the artist will shed light on her presentation.

About the artist

After having roamed about for some time, Sarah-Joy Zwarts (Maastricht, 1987) settled back in her native region. She was educated in both history and fine arts, with a particular focus on drawing. She combines both disciplines in her visual work, where she applies an open methodology to connect language, form, material and story as closely as possible to her subjects.


Creating and wandering

Sarah-Joy believes that there is a great parallel between the act of creating and the act of wandering. After all, by moving you unveil new insights, which subsequently unfold into new paths to follow. Being able to wander feels like an act de révolte, a creative act.

What if the wanderer would focus on the wanderee? What dialogue could arise between landscape and walker? What do they tell each other, and to what extent can this lead to tangible artifacts?

For the last years, Sarah-Joy has focused on derelict non-places close to her home (Eigenbilzen), convinced that these sites create the most inviting conditions for wandering. Her current focus lies on a slope of the Albert Canal, where she mainly researches if a type of recognizable structure (beacon) could fit here, and how it would come about. As a dialogue between herself and the landscape, she allows this object to gradually shape itself during the process.


About the hoekkamer

As a platform for architecture and design, Bureau Europa offers space for regional and local artists, architects, and designers to present their work. The space is made available as a stage, which the invitee can use according to their wish for presentations, workshops, lectures, and/or sales.