Residue of the Liminal Space

An ethnographic research of the diaspora

24 May till 13 August 2023

The special graduation presentation by the Sudanese artist Taqwa Ali (1997) can be seen from 24 to 28 May. She contains her history of immigration in the Netherlands in a ceramic work that she created together with the Dutch-Sudanese community. The work will be on view in the summer, from 17 June to 13 August, in the display area of ​​Bureau Europa.

Residue of the liminal space is an installation/performance of an ethnographic research. Combining a collection of works varying from clay and ceramics, audio and short stories that illustrate the concept of the liminal space.

The work depicts the liminal space as a floating ground that fosters a third cultural ground inhabited by the diaspora community of Sudan in the province of Limburg, the Netherlands. Those who immigrated and no longer belong to one place or the other, but the in-between.

Using wild clay extracted from the grounds of Limburg, the work establishes a symbolic presence of this hidden community through tangible objects and sensory landscapes.

In collaboration with the Sudanese community, the work invites the public to enter the liminal space to experience a glimpse of the in-between, and how identity becomes a challenging topic for debate among immigrant communities.

Taqwa Ali
Taqwa Ali is an interdisciplinary artist working in various mediums and recently focusing on clay and ceramics. Her work is to channel experiences of the post-colonial diaspora in the West, its challenges, privileges, and how it relates to the diaspora at large.

Ali's processes are tiresome, deconstructing and emphasising labour as a symbolic embodiment of de-colonial practices. The journey of the emerging generation of Sudan, who are now responsible for the reparation of colonial history, the nation, and the Self.

For more information, visit Taqwa Ali's website.

Dates Wednesday 24 May - Sunday 28 May / Saturday 17 June - Sunday 13 August
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Residue of the Liminal Space (photos Moniek Wegdam)

Opening of the Summer Programme (photos Moniek Wegdam)