Cuypers: Architecture with a Mission

18 October 2007
Lecture about Cuypers as an inspired architect with a mission. "He believed in a community ideal, in an architecture that could change society, in the 'Gesamtkunstwerk' and in Gothic Revival as the only legitimate architecture style."

P.J.H. Cuypers: Building and City

8 November 2007
Lecture by Cuypers expert Aart Oxenaar: “Pierre Cuypers discovers that traditional architectural types cannot readily be implemented in the city, but that the architect should react to these types, if he aspires to give a meaningful contribution to the streets through his work.”

On the keeping quality of a restoration: looking back on the restoration of the 'Onze Lieve Vrouw' Basilica in Maastricht

22 November 2007
Clerical attendant Régis de la Haye discussed the restoration of the basilica 'Onze Lieve Vrouw' in Maastricht, one hundred years later.
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Th restauration of Kasteel De Haar in Haarzuilens & Further with Cuypers: the restauration of the Rijksmuseum

6 January 2008
Two lectures by speakers Cor Bouwstra & Anne van Grevenstein on the restauration of Kasteel De Haar in Haarzuilens and the restauration of the Rijksmuseum.

The House of Cuypers

24 January 2008
Lecture by Bernadette van Hellenberg Hubar on the art studio of the firm Cuypers & Stolzenberg, a modern equivalent of the medieval building lodge.

P.J.H. Cuyers: architecture with a mission

27 September 2007 – 3 February 2008
The architect P.J.H. Cuypers (1827-1921), master of the nineteenth-century architecture, is mostly known in the Netherlands for his large-scale projects such as the Rijksmuseum (1876-1885) and Amsterdam Central Station (1882-1889), but also for the enormous amount of churches he designed.

Dance performance Against Architecture

30 March 2008
Choreographer: Bruno Listopad & Korzo productions Dancers: Amaranta Velarde González and Angelina Deck
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