Crowdfunding project “Adopt a bee honey!”

1 October 2013 – 1 April 2014
In October, Bureau Europa and Bee Collective have launched crowdfunding project ‘Adopt a bee, honey!’ The funds raised for this project will be used to install the Sky Hive Solar, two bee hives on a high pole, in the Frontenpark. The Sky Hive Solar allows the initiators to bring the bee back into the city centre of Maastricht.


4 – 5 April 2014
Bureau Europa/platform for architecture, LTO and the LLTB presented on Friday, April 4, 2014: Hammering on Europe. A debate in the context of the Europan elections of May 22 2014.

Mansholt, Landscape in Perspective

18 January – 20 April 2014
Against the background of the current reform of the European Common Agricultural Policy, Bureau Europa dedicates the exhibition 'Mansholt, Landscape in Perspective' to the way agriculture has determined the lay-out and shape of the Dutch landscape after 1945. Hallmark of the exhibition is the work of former minister of agriculture Sicco Mansholt,

Project 'Imaged Stories'

31 January – 31 July 2014
Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels & Restaurants, Marres Projects, and Bureau Europa/platform for architecture have teamed up to form a cultural research partnership. This project is called ‘Imaged Stories’ and focuses primarily on the history of the WinselerHof estate in Landgraaf.
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15 September 2013 – 31 May 2015
At the end of April, provincial deputy Noël Lebens and city councillor Gerdo van Grootheest officially launched the development of the 'Frontenpark'. Bureau Europa has been charged with the programming of the 'Frontenpark'.
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