The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

13 March 2008
Charles Jencks, American architecture critic, landscape architect and designer, gave a lecture titled 'The Garden of Cosmic Speculation'. He discussed his work and spoke about cosmic themes and the question of cultural identity.

Ora et Labora

6 April 2008
During the Maastricht Museum Weekend, NAiM/Bureau Europa changed into a convent. Following the concept 'Ora et Labora' visitors experienced the timetable of a monk or nun with prayers, hymns, meals and lectures.

Excursion Dom Hans van der Laan

24 May 2008
NAiM/Bureau Europa organized a unique Dom Hans van der Laan event, with an excursion to his master piece in Mamelis: the St. Benedictusberg Abbey. After the excursion, Ruud Lammerink gave a lecture on Beauty, measure and rhythm.

Dom Hans van der Laan: the human habitat

24 February – 25 May 2008
NAiM/Bureau Europa outlined a program on the fault line between architecture and design, with the interior as common thread. The first in a series of three exhibitions is titled ‘The Human Habitat’ presenting architect, designer, theorist and monk Dom Hans van der Laan (1904-1991).
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