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Temporary park on the former site of the Sphinx factory in the Maastricht inner city

23 May 2012 - 1 July 2013

A project by NAiM/Bureau Europa, Marres and REcentre

Graphic design: Karen Willey


ZOO, or the letter Z, just after Zionism

3 March - 10 June 2012

NAiM/Bureau Europa presents ZOO, or the letter Z, just after Zionism, an exhibition that uses the book ‘The Atlas of the Conflict’ by Malkit Shoshan as an anchor point.

Curator: Malkit Shoshan

Graphic design posters, inviitation and window prints: Experimental Jetset

Graphic design wall posters and reader: Sandra Kassenaar and Bart de Baets

Photography: Johannes Schwartz



Design route 2 June - 10 June 2012

Curators: SALON1 (Gijs Stork, Manon Schaap, Cathal McKee)

Graphic design: Maureen Mooren


Alison & Peter Smithson: The Art of Inhabitation

17 December 2011 - 25 March 2012

'Alison & Peter Smithson, The Art of Inhabitation’ shows the work of the English architecture couple Alison (1928-1993) and Peter (1923-2003), being among the most prominent and controversial architects of the twentieth century.

Curator: Max Risselada, emeritus professor Delft Technical University

Exhibition design and construction: Eventarchitectuur

Graphic design: Experimental Jetset

Photography: Johannes Schwartz


Common Grounds

5 November 2011 – 29 January 2012

The exhibition Common Grounds investigates the possibilities inherent to the temporary redevelopment of disused urban areas.

Curators: Saskia van Stein and Linde Dorenbosch

Exhibition design and construction: Maurer United Architects

Graphic design: Experimental Jetset

Photography: Johannes Schwartz


The Great Indoors Award 2011

3 – 5 November 2011

On 4 November, the festive Great Indoors Award Ceremony took place in De Timmerfabriek in Maastricht. Four awards were given to the best (semi) public interiors in the categories: Show & Sell, Relax & Consume, Serve & Facilitate, and Concentrate & Collaborate.

The Great Indoors Award is an international biennial, interior design award, that wishes to celebrate the best interiors worldwide.In November 2011, the third edition took place of The Great Indoors Award, a biennial international design event in the field of interior design.


RE-Action! Sustainability through Social Innovation 17 juli – 2 oktober 2011 REcentre, platform voor duurzaam design in de Euregio Maas-Rijn, presente

17 July – 2 October 2011

REcentre, centre for sustainable design in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion, presented several best practices from home and abroad, and compared these to eight projects from Maastricht and the region.


Curator: Linde Dorenbosch

Construction: Maurer United Architects

Graphic design: Experimental Jetset

Photography: Johannes Schwartz


Club Céramique

30 November 2010 - 27 March 2011

In November 2011, NAiM/Bureau Europa transformed into ' Club Céramique', an extensive activity program inspired by the public discussion about the Céramique area.


Panels. An inquiry into the spatial, the sonic and the public.

12 September 2010 – 16 January 2011

Sound installation 'Panels. An inquiry into the spatial, the sonic and the public' by artist Paul Devens could be experienced, viewed and heard. An alienating architectonic experience with a major role for sound/light.


Koolhaas Houselife

1 – 31 October 2010

In the documentary 'Koolhaas Houselife', housekeeper Guadalupe Acedo guides the spectator through the Maison à Bordeaux, designed by Rem Koolhaas and his studio OMA in 1998. An experiment that enables a different way of looking at - and representing - architecture.



27 June – 26 September 2010

'Clip/Stamp/Fold: The Radical Architecture of Little Magazines 196X–197X' was based on research by Beatriz Colomina (Princeton University) into the way architects publicized their views in self-initiated magazines in the 60's/70's.


Antibodies: the work of Fernando & Humberto Campana 1989 - 2009

13 March – 6 June 2010

In 2010, NAiM/Bureau Europa presented the work of the Campana brothers, the most significant designers in present-day Latin America.

The exhibition Antibodies was developed by the Vitra Design Museum
Curator: Mathias Schwarz-Clauss
Additional graphic design: Experimental Jetset
Photography: Johannes Schwartz

Rien ne va Plus and Reading Europe

12 September 2009 – 10 January 2010

'Rien ne va Plus' (Architecture in times of crisis) and 'Reading Europe' (A collection of ideas on architecture and design). Result of a cooperation with magazine A10 for research into the possible assignment of architecture.

'Reading Europe' is a long-term project, aimed at archiving and explaining the diversity of developments and visions in architecture, urban development and landscape architecture in Europe.

Development (Rien ne va Plus): Powerhouse Company

Graphic design: Experimental Jetset

Photography: Johannes Schwartz

Michele de Lucchi: Casette a forma di Casa

6 – 16 November 2009

‘Cassette a forma di casa’ presents 20 wooden architectural models, sketches and photos of De Lucchi, providing insight into a more autonomous artistic ambition of the designer.

Photography: Jos Nelissen

NL = New Luxury

22 May – 23 August 2009

More attention for the still unknown potential of product design. That is what curator Alexander van Slobbe wanted to achieve with the project 'NL = Nieuwe Luxe'.

NL = New Luxury’ was the result of a cooperation with the Design Academy Eindhoven, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht and Stuffed. 


Curator: Alexander van Slobbe

Exhibition design: EventArchitectuur

Graphic design: Experimental Jetset

Photography: Moniek Wegdam and Johannes Schwartz


Changing Ideals: Re-thinking the House

4 November 2008 – 30 April 2009

'Changing Ideals: Re-thinking the House' confronted very different living concepts with each other, ranging from the Domus Cosmographica to the Mauritshuis and the television culture of the the Big Brother House.

Curator: Dirk van den Heuvel
Exhibition design: EventArchitectuur
Graphic design: Experimental Jetset
Photography: Johannes Schwartz

State Alpha: on the Architecture of Sleep

29 June – 5 October 2008

Freud regarded the dream as the guardian of sleep. ‘State Alpha, on the architecture of sleep’ examined to what extent the same can be said about architecture. The exhibition stimulated visitors to reflect on how architecture organizes our sleep.

Development: Liquid Irish Front (Sabine Dreher and Christian Muhr) i.c.w. Guus Beumer
Exhibition Design: EventArchitectuur
Graphic Design: Experimental Jetset
Photography: Johannes Schwartz

Dom Hans van der Laan: the human habitat

24 February – 25 May 2008

NAiM/Bureau Europa outlined a program on the fault line between architecture and design, with the interior as common thread. The first in a series of three exhibitions is titled ‘The Human Habitat’ presenting architect, designer, theorist and monk Dom Hans van der Laan (1904-1991).


Curator: Wendel ten Arve

Exhibition design: Wim de Vos

Graphic design: Hansje van Halem

Photography: Jos Nelissen and Tineke Kambier


Dance performance Against Architecture

30 March 2008

Choreographer: Bruno Listopad & Korzo productions 

Dancers: Amaranta Velarde González and Angelina Deck

The Edible City

3 March – 22 June 2007

In the context of the first Bipolis, a manifestation on creative industry, NAiM/Bureau Europa, Z33 Hasselt and Het Domein Sittard collaboratively organized a project on the theme of food, with the working title ‘Food for Thought/Thoughts on Food’.


Curator: Debra Solomon and Hans Ibelings

Spatial design: EventArchitectuur i.c.w. Hans Engelbrecht and Margaret Visser
Graphic design: Experimental Jetset
Photography: Harry Heuts, Experimental Jetset, Régine Debatty, Debra Solomon


Changing Ideals 2

19 December 2009 – 19 February 2010

Under the title ‘Changing Ideals 2: The Sequel, NAiM / Bureau Europa presents current social developments in architecture and design.

Exhibition Design: EventArchitectuur

Graphic Design: Experimental Jetset

Photography: Jorge Arango, Experimental Jetset, NAiM/Bureau Europa



Lecture Bekkering Adams with exhibition New Faces in European Architecture

Women on innovative architecture

8 February 2007Based on their own personal histories and sources of inspiration, architects Monica Adams and Juliette Bekkering presented their views on architecture and illustrated the backgrounds of their realizations and future projects.


Lecture series Pierre Cuypers

oktober 2007 - januari 2008

Around the exhibition on Pierre Cuypers the following lecture series was organized:

Linda Vlassenrood: Cuypers. Architecture with a mission.

Aart Oxenaar: P.J.H. Cuypers: Building and City.

Diaken Régis de la Haye: Retrospective on the restoration of the Onze Lieve Vrouwe basilica in Maastricht.

Bernadette van Hellenberg Hubar: The house of Cuypers.

Cor Bouwstra: The restoration of Castle De Haar in Haarzuilens.

Anne van Grevenstein: Further with Cuypers: the restoration of the Rijksmuseum.

Press release (Dutch) Playboy Architecture, 1953 - 1979

From 29 September 2012 through 10 February 2013, NAiM/Bureau-Europa presents the exhibition Playboy Architecture, 1953-1979, which focuses on the role of (interior) architecture in the famous men’s magazine Playboy.  The exhibition has been developed in close cooperation with Princeton University on the basis of a three year research under the supervision of Professor Beatriz Colomina.

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