23 July till 2 August 2020

Academia: A dynamic summer programme

Bureau Europa opened its doors in January for various collaborations with local educational institutions. This summer, we’d like to share the results with you.

Academia offers a wide-ranging programme, which currently features:

- 16.06.20. Academia #1. Transition
- 27.06.20. Academia #2. Playing Fields
- 08.07.20. Academia #3. Archibox
- 09.07.20. Academia #4. sub.archives
- 23.07.20. Academia #5. POLICY
- Ongoing. Academia #6. The project The Postcard (Weronika Kocewiak)

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Academia #5

POLIS: "Reveal meaning without committing the error of defining it"


 Thursday 23 July to Sunday 2 August

Students Sam Janssen, Charlotte Caroux, Lars den Hertog, and Elli Ott of the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Zuyd Hogeschool, question the impact of public art on everyday life; in the ‘translation’ of text to image and the play of different forms and interpretations of language; in the recurrence of craft practices and the impact they have on material and cognition; and finally, in love. In this third student exhibition, the focal point is the ‘polis’, after Hannah Arendt, the meeting of people who share ideas and actions.

These four students come from fine art, political theory, craft and design, shipbuilding and graphic design. POLIS is a striking exhibition focusing on debate thorough painting, sculpture, audio practice illustrations, interventions, and constructions. The space between the works invites consideration of each work and each artist from different positions. In this way, the visitor experiences the artists’ arguments, doubts, joy, and sense of belonging.

This exhibition is at the end of the route through the exhibition Jo Coenen, 40 Years of Working in Europe.

Dates 23 July to 2 August 2020, regular opening times

Location Bureau Europa, White Room and Library

Admission regular admission prices; you can book your ticket online