Panorama South Limburg

Travelling expo about the future of our region

28 September till 9 October 2022

A traveling exhibition shows three future perspectives on how we can build a good living, working and recreational climate and how we can take better care of water, nature and landscape in our region. During walk-in moments, you can contribute to these future visions yourself.

During the exhibition, which was already on show in Heerlen, Sittard, and Valkenburg, you can walk in and let fly your own ideas about the future of South Limburg. Posters show you the three future perspectives that have already been devised on the basis of various images. But you can also add your own building blocks with drawings and messages.

Online also possible In addition to physical walk-in options, it is also possible to view and respond to the future images online. The website also shows when a representative of the Panorama South Limburg project group will be present to provide additional information.

Panorama South Limburg is a collaboration between the Province of Limburg, the Ministry of the Interior, various South Limburg municipalities and the Parkstad Limburg City Region under the auspices of the NOVI area of South Limburg.