Out of Fashion: Maastricht Edition

14 May till 16 June 2011

This project showed how fashion houses, avant-garde designers and young, as yet unknown fashion designers utilize film, video and on-line media to give their designs form and to support their distribution and sales.

Fashion houses agnès b. and Maison Martin Margiela compiled a film programme of their own work and showed an installation that was especially developed for this exhibition. In addition, work could be seen from designers including BLESS, Todd Cole, Prada, Freudenthal/Verhagen and Anna-Nicole Ziesche.

Out of Fashion: Maastricht Edition was the result of a collaboration between the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Premsela: the Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion, Glamcult Studio and NAiM/Bureau Europa.

The project comprised an exhibition, a film programme and a series of events about the interaction between fashion and film. 

The project was a sequel to Out of Fashion, compiled by Inge de Leeuw for the 40th edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Exhibition design is by Glamcult Studio.

Photography: Johannes Schwartz

Graphic design: Experimental Jetset



Window prints