Once Upon A Town

10 till 11 October 2020

Meet new and established makers and discover local legends at Once Upon A Town. We pay tribute to Maastricht, its inhabitants and the age-old tradition of passing on stories. This year's theme? Maastricht Ways! Who is ‘de Maastrichtaar’ and what is their origin? What are their stories, memories, ideas and discoveries?

Chat with the ‘proverb collectors’ at the library, listen to singing from factory roofs and meet the residents of Maastricht's largest insect hotel. Discover the city's creative living rooms while cycling, listen to stories in ‘The Invisible Collection’ in Marres or join Jan Janssen for eve euze Geis opsjöddele.

‘Come to Pixeltown’ or enjoy the documentary Shelter at Lumière Cinema. Visit two photographer friends in a studio above the old bookshop in Wyck or literally walk in the footsteps of Elisabeth Strouven. Of course, you must see the exhibition Jo Coenen, 40 Years of Working in Europe at Bureau Europa! On Saturday evening, you can unravel the gossip, legends and the dark past of Maastricht in the Dominicanen bookstore.

Discover all of this and more on the weekend of 10 and 11 October. If you’d rather stay at home, you can join the live-streamed events at www.onceuponatown.nl.