Once Upon A Town

19 till 20 October 2019

​A city festival with stories about known and unknown creative makers and local legends of ordinary people. Once Upon A Town is a festival for city stories of famous and unknown creatives and the local legends of ordinary people. The festival is an ode to Maastricht, its inhabitants, and the age-old tradition of telling (through) stories

This year’s theme is Migration: the movement of people from one place to another; The temporary and permanent, from Daalhof to Wittevrouwenveld and from Syria to Sint Pieter. The festival takes this broad theme to shed light on various forms and causes (such as politics, war and climate change), but also history, the impact on the experience of the city, migration of animals and plants, and the stories of migrants who have chosen Maastricht.

Listen to travel stories from new and long-time residents of Maastricht, contribute to the research into stories about Italians in the city, watch moving documentaries about migration from Limburg’s makers, hear a moving story unexpectedly at the bakery, enjoy your favourite foreign food with a story from the chef, play the Great Migration Game with students from Hogeschool Zuyd, listen to lampposts telling stories from artists, dine at the children’s farm in the city park, find lost property in the city depots, take a tour along entrepreneurs with a migration background, dance in the Moluccan community centre, learn about labour migration in shrinking regions, and much more!

More info?
For more info visit www.onceuponatown.nl

In the city and surrounding suburbs is a range of activities, organised in collaboration with Vluchtelingenwerk Maastricht, Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology, Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design and CNME. Also devoting attention to this theme that weekend are our partners: Jan Van Eyck Academie, Lumière, Marres, and Studio Take Twee.

Organisation: Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design
Curator: Marjolein van der Loo

Image: Ivo Straetmans and Dennis van Eikenhorst

Date: Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October
Location: around Maastricht
Language: Dutch and English
Participation: free

Once upon a Town, saturday

Once upon a Town, sunday