NL = New Luxury

22 May till 23 August 2009

More attention for the still unknown potential of product design. That is what curator Alexander van Slobbe wanted to achieve with the project 'NL = Nieuwe Luxe'.

NL = New Luxury’ was the result of a cooperation with the Design Academy Eindhoven, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht and Stuffed. This project, which includes an exhibition and several workshops, aspired to embrace in an innovative way the classic relationship between product and process and touched upon the notion of sustainability. Curator is Alexander van Slobbe, creative director Design Academy Eindhoven, who attempted to continue his search for a new vision on design through this project.

Alexander van Slobbe: “Until recently the idea of differentiation and luxury was exclusively linked to global labels and high prices. This exhibition questions the need for another type of luxury within the field of design. A vision that is sensitive towards the process out of which a product is materialised, with more attention on craftsmanship and above all a stronger emphasis on a local or regional context”.

Curator: Alexander van Slobbe

Exhibition design: EventArchitectuur

Graphic design: Experimental Jetset

Photography: Moniek Wegdam and Johannes Schwartz



Exhibition texts

workshop ‘Do you want to marry me?’