Honouring of funding application to the Elisabeth Strouven Fund

For the forthcoming exhibition, City of Stone, curated in collaboration with TU Delft students, the Elisabeth Strouven Fund has honoured an application for a grant of €6000.The fund considers the project proposal to be of ‘extremely high quality and valuable to the city of Maastricht’ and greatly values the close cooperation between Bureau Europa and TU Delft. The City of Stone exhibition runs from 1 July to 7 August at Bureau Europa.

After research and careful analysis by TU Delft students on the use of natural stone in Maastricht’s architecture, the exhibition answers questions about the characteristics of Maastricht’s use of natural stone, its cultural associations, and why the rich architectural history of Maastricht is so typical yet unprecedented in the rest of the Netherlands. Based on three themes, the exhibition considers the dialectic of the coarse stone in the quarries, from its material processing in the crafts to its historical use in the city’s architecture, and is illustrated by redolent maquettes of the natural stone doorways and gate frameworks that are rich in Maastricht which are made in cooperation with the  Maastricht Academy of Architecture.

More information will follow about the exhibition and its programme.