New exhibitions and city walk

During the Day of Architecture

4 May 2023

On Saturday 17 June, the annual Day of Architecture will take place in Maastricht. Not only can you visit beautiful heritage redevelopments in the city with guided tours by the architects, such as the Sint-Theresiakerk and the Polverpark. Bureau Europa is also bursting with architecture: the summer is all about new materials, old methods and delicate art. And there is a new city walk!

Three exhibitions On Saturday 17 June at 3pm, no fewer than three exhibitions will open at Bureau Europa.

Material Landscapes. Bureau Werkstatt (Eindhoven) is welcomed for a summer residence. Werkstatt is a leader in ecological and socio-economic construction. The Great Showroom at Bureau Europa will be converted into a construction site where students and colleagues can research the future of biobased building materials.

Behind the Facade. Studies into the work of master architect Frits Peutz are presented by the Academy of Architecture Maastricht. The master's students have drawn construction details as a method of design with special results. The true craft of the architect lies in drawing.

Residue of the Liminal Space. Artist and iArts alumna Taqwa Ali shows ceramic work that connects the tradition of her native Sudan with her immigration history in the Netherlands.

City walk After the successful first edition of the walk In Public which Remco Beckers (Bureau Europa) and Joes Minis (Centre Céramique) gave during the Closed Heritage Days a few years ago, a special, new edition has been written.

The monuments make the streets! With the city walk In Public you will discover the well-trodden paths, bridges and squares that tell the history of Maastricht and determine the city map. From the history of bridges to the courtyards and squares that also inspire today's architecture. From the new housing estates around the city center to the historic streets and cul-de-sacs, from unused squares to heritage sites with potential. But how do we restore, store, renovate and how do people from Maastricht feel about this?