Curator tours in Frozen Music

Curator Remco Beckers takes you along

12 January 2023

Music and architecture speak the same language of rhythm, contrast, proportion, dynamics and harmony. The composer and the master builder have inspired each other for centuries. From mimicking the sounds of nature to fascination with the human voice, even the modern electrical environment of the 21st century is a source of inspiration for modern sound artists. Music also has its own architecture: from the design of instruments to the aesthetic of the notation itself. Human beings are tuning forks that intuitively sense harmony - in music, but also in architecture. In the exhibition Frozen Music, the design of space and sound is explored with interactive installations, art, film and music, architectural drawings and models.

Curator tours
Interested in a guided tour? Curator Remco Beckers takes you along on:

  • Saturday 28 January, 2pm (Dutch) and 3.30 pm (English)
  • Saturday 18 March, 2pm (Dutch) and 3.30 pm (English)
  • Saturday 27 May, 1pm (Dutch)

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