The desired flaw

New graduation presentation by Chrissy Ramaekers

30 June 2022

Bureau Europa offers the stage to young makers and graduating students, who have been visiting us for a few years to present their thesis to the general public. Chrissy Ramaekers (1993) will graduate from the Maastricht Academy of Architecture on Friday 1 July

The manifesto 'The desired flaw' explains the value of non-places in the urban fabric and argues in favour of preserving these places. Architect Chrissy Ramaekers (1993) uses 'the ruin' as a metaphot. What opportunities and feelings do historical ruins bring about? How do they inspire the curation of non-places? This is a search for the right resilience to give spontaneity in the urban environment a chance.

Porous Eindhoven
In her graduation work, Ramaekers studies the current densification vision of Eindhoven and the porous places that are created in the city center as a result. The Emmasingel Quadrant in particular is the starting point of her design procss, where the 'healthy relaxation' that people experience around ruins, is translated into an intervention at the Lighting Application Center (LAC), in search of the balance between dense urbanisation and the breathing space that is needed in the spaces in between.

This design is a generous gesture where a dismantled building with a passerelle makes places and lets places, organiseses them and makes them clear. By not programming places as an architect, but providing reasons for existence instead, a place will be curated that gives the user's narrative a place of itself. So, it isn't rightly about the void, but rather about what hovers around it.