25 June 2022

In the corner space and shop windows of Bureau Europa, a new presentation appears which you can also enjoy outside the windows. With her installation, artist Charlotte Koenen undergoes the evolution in a new direction in her work.

Charlotte Koenen's previous installations centered around an investigation of "the rock as an object". The studio where she conducted this research, was centre stage in her exhibitions. Elements of her methods, like tools, storage metods, and photographic imagery all of her own design, were all part of her oeuvre, as singular artifacts as well as references to the process.

A new thematics is breeched now, which revolves around the old wash houses in the French countryside. What once started as a photographic inquiry of the typical architectural elements of these so-called "lavoirs" has spread out into an exploration of woman's history, connected to the buildings and their structural developments. As the relation between woman and building, so the one between climate and architecture: ranging from the social hierarchy connected to the buildings to the bleaching cultures and new vegetation that now take over the wash houses, that to this day remain, released of their function, as monuments to water.

Charlotte Koenen
Charlotte Koenen (1992) lvies and works in Maastricht. She grew up in Belgium and France. In 2014 she graduates at the Maastricht Art Academy, in 2015/2016 she was a resident at the Jan Van Eyck Academy.

In 2021 she gave a lecture about her research into lavoirs and the link between woman's history and architecture at Bureau Europa in light of the exhibition Love in a Mist.


Opening Saturday 25 June, 5pm to 7pm
25 June to 14 August