Day of Architecture

14 September 2021

On Saturday September 18th Maastricht hosts its annual Day of Architecture, taking place in the fully redesigned Radium industrial heritage site, packed with activities in open monuments. At Bureau Europa you can visit the exhibition Power, Lust and Zinc and get a guided tour by the curator (in Dutch). Rather take a hike on your own? Why not try out our Zinc Identity of Maastricht walk!

Everyone who enters Maastricht by means of the Noorderbrug, will see changes happening with his own eyes. The area is known for its old and delapidated factory buildings, but they are literally and figuratively speaking changing their colours. Most astounding is the transformation of the so-called Cokesfabriek into a brandnew red building. But there's more! What about the LAB-building, the Gashouder, the Kunstfront, the old Casemates, the Frontenpark and of course the new home of coffee-roasting factory Blanche Dael in the Brick Building. Plenty to see and discover in this fascinating little piece of Maastricht with its own, rich past. 

At Bureau Europa you can visit the exhibition Power, Lust, and Zinc. Walk in over the rooftops of Paris, meet the remarkable ambassadress with the golden hair, learn more about the Fourth country at the Tri-Country Point and about the frail but resiliant zinc violet. Curator Remco Beckers will give a guided tour at 1 pm (in Dutch). And for the enterprising hikers amongst you: why not take a look at our Voyages-page, filled with city tours and nature walks. Take our latest zinc route, for instance: follow in the footsteps of the zinc oxide factory strikers and walk past curious zinc architecture in the Maastricht city centre.