New Fashion Narratives

Designers who see fashion as a mission

17 till 19 November 2023

New Fashion Narratives represents the current generation of designers who see fashion as a mission. They explore the boundaries of their discipline, question social systems and specifically the fashion industry. With their works, they move between the interdisciplinary domains of fashion, social design, visual arts and investigate the relationship with the user/consumer.

FASHIONCLASH invited five fashion practitioners (Enzo Aitkaci, Chinouk Filique, Jonathan Ho, Lotte de Jager and Boris Kollar) to co-develop a multimedia presentation concept for the exhibition program component of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2023.

They first met during a physical Residency Week in April 2023 in Maastricht, where they worked on developing the concept that led to a selection of 22 participants for the exhibition.

“Our aim is to emphasize and highlight the design qualities that can be found in the development processes. We therefore invited a broad range of designers and artists to surrender their archive to be hijacked, and to rethink the fashion, artistic, and personal archive as a stand-alone product. Can the archive become a visual resource to be shared and displayed? How can trans-documentation become a tool for makers and curators? As such, the archive becomes a resource to reuse as a design material.”

For tickets and more information about the participants, visit the Fashionclash website.

Opening Friday November 17; by invitation only
Dates Saturday, November 18 to Sunday, November 19, 12 noon - 5 p.m.
Location Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design
Entrance €5.00 per person; tickets can only be ordered via Fashionclash