New Faces in European Architecture

2 September 2006 till 21 April 2007

With the opening exhibition ‘New Faces in European Architecture: David Adjaye, Jürgen Mayer H., PLOT = BIG + JDS, SeARCH’, the NAi Maastricht presents an avant-garde of (young) European architects in the Kolommenzaal.

Each of these architects excels, nationally as well as internationally, with remarkable designs for both residential and cultural constructions and thus, they set a new standard for architecture in Europe. 

With the exhibition ‘New Faces in European Architecture, NAiM/Bureau Europa wanted to show how a new generation of European architects uses the basic elements of modern public architecture (shape, space, image and stature) as building blocks for our complex society. David Adjaye (London), SeARCH (Amsterdam), Jürgen Mayer H. (Berlin) and PLOT = BIG + JDS (Copenhagen) showed a selection of projects through which their Northern European design attitude becomes visible. 

Curator: Saskia van Stein
Spatial design: Satja van Heummen i.c.w. Saskia van Stein
Graphic design: Stout Kramer
Photography: NAiM/Bureau Europa.