Museumnacht Maastricht

Bursting with music

14 April 2023

Bureau Europa brings the world of architecture and design to life in exceptional ways. Prick up your ears during Museum Night Maastricht. The exhibition Frozen Music is all about the power of sound: how music can be an inspiration for architecture, how architecture shapes music and how everyday sounds in our environment can be composed to secretely manipulate us. From notation as a construction drawing to the sound design of the car door; from the sound of shopping cart wheels to what it sounds like to be deaf or to be in a space that you, as a living human being, never hear.

It's music that rings the bell at Bureau Europa. The museum is bursting with music. Actually, it's already in the word: both words come from "muse," Divine Inspiration! With Museum Night, the expo gets its own sound. Experience the unique interactions between sound and space, people and music with a packed performance program. A museum doesn't have to be quiet!

exhibition // FROZEN MUSIC
The museum bursts with music: both the word ‘music’ as ‘museum’ come from the same root, the Greek muse, Divine Inspiration! With Museumnacht, Bureau Europa gets its very own sound! Come and experience the unique interactions between space and sound, people and music, and audience and artists with this layered exhibition and chock-full performance programme.

The ‘Buropeans’ have got quite a song to sing for you! Let them conduct you through the exhibition for all the ins and outs about the sounds that surround you. Or let them tell you the specific stories that you want to hear!

presentation // THE PAPER ENSEMBLE
Inspired by Japanese garden design, The Paper Ensemble cordially invites you to step into the world of paper sounds, from the rustling of leaves to stormy oceans to singing whales. Push the boundaries of what is an object, what is an image, and what is a sound!

Bureau Europa and Intro in Situ are collaborating: German sound artist Bernd Bleffert will install some special, electrifying, and interactive sound artworks. Take action and explore the wondrous world of sound suggestion and imagination. Let yourself be misled time and time again.
7.30 pm | 9pm | 10.30 pm

Bernd Bleffert's work is on show at Bureau Europa till April 16th. His oeuvre exhibition
Gärtlein der Erinnerung
is on show till June 17th 2023 at the Intro in Situ foyer (Lage Kanaaldijk 113B, Maastricht).

performance // FROZEN MUSIC OST
With a night filled with back-to-back performances, the exhibition gets its own official soundtrack (OST) with a line-up of ten promising composition students of Conservatorium Maastricht. Music turned to art and now turns back to music with the compositions that were written to accompany the special works on display at Bureau Europa.

Line-up: Lio de Bock | Marieke Beelen | Dara Gommans | Sophie Janssen | Marlijn Schröer | Simone Thijssen | William Daelemans | Tom van Genderen | Jaimy Eerens | Stijn Vierhout

20.00 & 23.00 | Beste Bovenburen         
20.20 & 23.20 | Boot van Troost        
20.40 & 23.40 | Diapasson             
21.00 & 00.00 | Hood                
21.20 & 00.20 | Wat ik ben geweest        
21.40 & 00.40 | Ieder huis zijn kruis

Museumnacht Maastricht is on Friday 14 April from 7pm to 1am. Order your tickets via!