Museum Night Maastricht

15 April 2016

1 NIGHT – 10 ART VENUES – 14,000 M² ART – 110 ARTISTS

The Dominicanen Bookstore • Bonnefantenmuseum • Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design • B32 • Centre Céramique • Natuurhistorisch Museum • Drukkunstmuseum • Marres • Museum aan het Vrijthof • and the Van Eyck Academy all open their doors on Friday 15 April from 20:00 to 24:00 for the first Museum Night Maastricht. Supplementing the main programme is a wealth of performances, workshops, artists’ talks, exclusive tours, previews, drinks, and beats.

From valuable historical artefacts and remarkable mineral resources to eccentric contemporary art events and cutting-edge video art: you can experience it all during Maastricht’s first Museum Night.

The free hop-on-hop-off bus ensures no one will miss a thing. This first edition concludes in high-spirited fashion with an after-party at Ipanema from midnight to 03:00.

At 20:30 and 22:00 during Museum Night Maastricht, Saskia van Stein, Bureau Europa’s director, gives guided tours of its current exhibition, The Next Big Thing Is Not A Thing, and DJ Sprinkles is playing too.

There is a pop-up living room at Bureau Europa too, decorated with works by regional designers including,

Karigar • Dirk Ploos van Amstel • Dik Scheepers • Kirschner3d • Grivec Bros X Boy Bastiaens • Françoise Oostwegel • Jeroen Wand • Loet Gescher & Juulke Brosky • Joelle Boers • Kranen/Gille • Felix Baumsteiger • Fabian von Spreckelsen • Ellen Truijen • NN Studio * Maurer United Architects * Cristoph Seyferth * Roel Slabbers and more.

More information:

Date: 15 April, 20:00 – 00:00
After-party: starts at 00:00 at Ipanema
Admission: €10, Students € 7.50, € 5 for the after-party. Combi tickets are sold out. Tickets available online and at Bureau Europa.

Museum Night Maastricht